Rhinestones & Attention to Detail

One of my favorite Kpop girl groups is the fashionable Brown Eyed Girls

The outfits in their recent video “Sign” really popped out to me because of the detail in each girls outfit. Each rhinestone was strategically placed along with the amazing shoulder details on their jackets.

My favorite thing about this video is that you can really see the personality of each member through what they are wearing.
The picture below shows their individual styles nicely.

Video fashion break down:
Member Ga-in is the one with the furry boots. In this video she has a more formal look with a long pink thigh length jacket. Her second look consists of a sheer black top. The fur adds a nice touch!

Narsha (my favorite!) has a more structured look. She usually always has on high waisted pants that shows her cute shape. A military style is added to her pink jacket.

Miryo the rapper has a more androgynous style with shorts and and a pianist style jacket. Her black studded jacket is extra cute and biker.
Jea is the one with the long brown hair. Her style is always more girly feminine. The balloon skirt and puffy shoulders make that come across easily.

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