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First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 나쁜 기집애 herself, CL! And congratulations to us Blackjacks who finally get a 2NE1 album after 3 years! Yeah! I’m so excited for 2NE1’s new album and videos that I could pull my hair out! I won’t but I could! And that’s the scary part about it! Lol.

Anywho to celebrate CL’s bday, YG released a fabulous photo of her rocking a TV block color Jeremy Scott mini skirt and top. It’s so funny because I foresaw her wearing this! If you see on the side of my blog I have a section for Kpop fashion and I recently added that skirt because I felt 2ne1 would no doubt wear something like this and they did! I’m a Kpop Fashion Psychic! Oh yes, ^^ Aha So you can click here to order the $502 skirt or view the “Shop Kpop Fashion” widget on the left and click on the skirt. The crop top is a bit different than CL’s but if you’re feeling it too order here for $695!

Are you excited for 2NE1 return?

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