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I recently came across an article on Seoulbeats detailing the elements of creating a kpop group. I thought it would be pretty cool to try out so here it is! I ended up enjoying this exponentially and created mock album teasers, promotions….the works! I think this group I created would be hot as boiling water!


To create my group I’ll need to fill key roles important in the Kpop idol industry: main vocalist, rapper, leader, dancer and/or cute/sexy member.

J.Min of Tiny G (’94’ 5’0′) / Main Vocal & Maknae

Homegirl can SANG check out the video below to see what I’m talking about. She’s definitely flying under the radar and deserves much more shine. She also speaks good English so this group will be very different because the maknae will be the main vocal and the English correspondent!

Seo In Young formally of Jewelry (’84, 5’4′) Leader / Vocalist

So the leader will be my girl In Young not just because she’s the oldest but because she has the most experience. Jewelry was a 1st Generation Kpop group that definitely paved a way in Hallyu. Also In Young is a boss lady and she’ll keep everyone on track. AND she’d be the fashionista of the group because she’s already a fashion icon in Korea.

Hyoyeon of Girls Generation (’89, 5’2′) Rapper / Main Dancer

Hyoyeon is one of the best dancers in Kpop and has one of the most brightest and spunkiest personalities I’ve ever seen. She’d keep the dynamic of the group up and she’s a girl that knows how to partah! Why wouldn’t I have her in my group? She will also be my rapper because I didn’t choose any group rappers so I will make her it. Lol.

Fei of Miss a (’87, 5’4′) Sexy Member / Dancer
Of course Fei has talent also. She’s an incredible dancer and has a pleasant singing voice. She’s also crazy sexy and since she’s Chinese, she’ll be able to lead the group in their Chinese promotions! Fei’s also great at ballroom dancing so I think it’ll be a good contrast to Hyoyeon and Minzy’s hip hop style of dancing.

Minzy of 2NE1 (’94, 5’4′) Main Dancer / 2nd vocal

Now you might be thinking, WHY do you have 3 main dancers? Hey, WHY NOT? Minzy has amazig dance skills AND she can sing very well. So technically the group will have 3 main vocalist and 3 main dancers: A TRIPLE THREAT. Oh yes. And Minzy won’t be the maknae because J.Min is almost a year younger! I’ll also let her be as sexy as she wanna be because girl has got that FIYAH!

Choosing a Name

When coming up with a name, the article mentioned staying away from names with numbers but I ended up using a number anyway!

I chose the group name 2MinYoHei pronounced E-MIN-YO-HEY. The number two is pronounced “이” (e) in Korean (similar to the rapper Dok2’s name) because there are 2 members named Min (Minzy and J.Min), two members with “요” (yo) in their name (Seo In Young and HyoYeon) and one member named Fei (instead of F-e-i I chose an “H” because it rolled off the tongue nice.) Oh yeah!


Their concept is similar to the Spice Girls. I want each member to stand out individually with their style. J.Min would be the Ginger (hopefully she won’t break the group up), Minzy as Scary Spice (fierce and fun), Hyoyeon as Sporty (outgoing and athletic), Seo In Young as Baby (aegyo and sweet) and Fei as Posh (sexy and alluring.)
They’ll also focus on high fashion, amazing dancing, but also great singing. Like stated above there are 3 main singers (J.Min, Minzy & Seo In Young) and 3 main dancers (Minzy (again), Fei and Hyoyeon.) They’d be the BOMB DIGGITY!

I miss SPICE GIRLS!!!!! **tears**
2MinYoHei’s fan color will be Fun Green (because regular green is ugly, lol) and their fan are called Best Friends (it’s the best I could come up with.^^)
2MinYoHei’s debut mini album will be titled “Royalty” with the lead single “Now” which is a love song followed by “Jumpin'” an fierce upbeat song.

Sub Units

There will also be sub units!

First up is a Minzy/Hyoyeon duo called MinYeon, It derives from their names Minzy and HyoYeon. It also sounds like the English word “minion” so it’s like everyone is beneath them! Their image will be fierce with a strong focus on dancing with their first album being self titled with the single “Holla.”

Next up is a vocal sub unit called SF West featuring Seo In Young and Fei. SF West stands for Sin (which would be Seo In Young’s name for the unit {her initials}) and F for Fei. It also sounds like SxSW (South by Southwest) meaning their going in the right direction. Their look will be about sophistication with the below images as official teasers. 

J.Min will have a solo mini album titled “Everything of Me” with the title track “Can We Be?” Her look with be cute and sweet.


Last but not least the ladies will go on a world tour called the “Royalty World Tour.” They’ll be stops in Seoul, Japan, Malaysia, China, LA, Chicago, New Jersey, London, Peru, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. They’ll be busy!

And that’s it! I think they’d be a success and a refreshing group from the norm. Let me know how you like the group and if you’d be their fan?

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