3rd Annual Gaon Kpop Chart Awards 2014 – Best/Worst Dressed

The 3rd Annual Gaon Kpop Chart Awards 2014 aired this week with many Kpop stars in attendance. Though the weather was beyond cold, most stars opted for sleeveless tops and no pants! Ya’ll it’s TOO cold to be rocking skin right now. And I feel there are enough amazing full coverage dresses/suits available that these folks shouldn’t have to freeze their butts off. But let’s go ahead and jump into the best and worst dressed.
Best Dressed of the Night

Girls Day wore beautiful full length gowns that weren’t over matchy. Their silhouettes looked great and it seemed each dress matched each girls style preference. Whoever styled them should continue with this look at other award shows.

Best Dressed

Sistar’s Soyu and rapper Mad Clown complimented each other very well. And his jacket is AMAZEBALLS!
Dynamic Duo
Very fresh and clean.
Girls Generation Yuri and Oh Sang Jin
Lim Joo Eun 
How fabulous does Hyohyeon look? Homegirl is always fab and fierce.
Girls Generation
Poor Sunny! Why they didn’t let that girl wear pants?!
Ladies Code looked chic. I love their contrasting outfits. Very a la french.
My deliberation on the Bangtan Boys look took a little while but I think did a great job at showing their individual styles but not being too matchy matchy. EXO should do a look somewhat similar to this but with suits! 

Miss A was second best dressed of the night! The houndstooth looks great on them and I ADORE Fei’s banging high waisted skirt and crop top. Poor little Min looks like she’s freezing but at least she’s doing it in style! I think the long suspender dress is great for Jea’s long body and Suzy’s black dress is very elegant and mature (it makes her look like she’s older than 17.) LOVE IT.

Not Best Dressed ^^

It’s definitely time for a new look. This look was for 2013. It’s now 2014 so it’s time for a change. Maybe glitter cat ears, police hats or sombreros. But these helmets need to be laid to rest.
Same thing I complained about at the MAMA’s 2013, too matchy matchy. Super Junior has just as many members but they always come dressed in their own personal styles. This is what I need from EXO.
It took me a while to figure if I liked 4Minute’s outfits or not but in the end I chose no. Though they went monochromatic like Miss A and Girls Day, I feel their individual looks have less pizzazz. It’s less stylish than they usually wear. Their outfits aren’t bad I just would have liked to see a little more playfulness in their overall look.

A Pink
Dohee from Tiny G
This is NOT an ugly dress. It’s girly and elegant but the color washes her out severely. It looks like something from a Spring/Summer collection and not all appropriate for the cold winter. And with her top and bottom being shown, a down hair do would have balanced everything out. I would have liked to see her in a long sleeve form fitting knee length navy dress with chandelier earrings and an updo with white heels. 
Kim Ye Lim
Seo In Guk
Maybe it’s his expression I dislike more than his outfit. ^^
The ladies of Sistar look great no doubt. But I personally don’t like the print (but I’m sure it’s probably from some expensive brand.) And I have the same concern as I mentioned about Dohee. It’s a bit too summery for me and I’d like to see varying skirt lengths to contrast each other.
He Tried

Since the 2013 MAMA’s, Ive been jamming to San E. (Love this boy.) For this look he ALMOST got it. I love his choice of wearing a floral jacket but I don’t think it was the right type of floral for his size. Possibly a smaller print like a dizy floral in the same exact sexy purple color. He really looks great. The black pants and combat boots give him that dapper but sporty look. I hope he keeps this style up!
Overall it seemed everyone played it safe with black and white. Though we do have Girls Day and San E bringing color and style into the overly monochromatic mix. But I want to know how you all liked their looks!
Who is your best and worst dressed from the Gaon Kpop Chart Awards?
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