Miss A Touch: Vampire Vibe

Miss A is one of the very few girl KPop groups I like and listen to. When I lived in the states I would constantly try to get people I knew to watch and listen to KPop. Whenever they’d oblige I would ALWAYS show them Miss A’s “Breathe.” I felt that song and video was the epitome of KPop and contained all the elements thereof. It’s fun, catchy, stylish, cute, eclectic, fast, and alluring. My mom even jams to “Breathe” and randomly starts singing it when we’re talking.

So in complete contrast with their with their previous images, Miss A has comeback with a very sexy, dark, vampire-ish look, song and video called “Touch.” If Twilight were an upbeat movie and Bella wasn’t so boring, this song could be on the soundtrack. I could even see this on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 OST because the story ends happily.

I also really like the Egyptian Mummy inspired outfits in this video. It goes along with the whole dark and alluring vibe. What show I could even more see this song with would be my all-time-for-eternity-favorite-show BUFFY the Vampire Slayer.
Yes I was a die heart Buffy lover at the dear age of 8 in elementary school. So much so that I wanted to be Buffy for Halloween. My mother asked me “Hunny, how are you suppose to dress like Buffy?” I replied “In all black mommy, with a steak.” lol Unfortunately my mother wasn’t that educated about Buffy, so after she got done painting my face in the elementary school bathroom, I turned to the mirror shocked with fear. My face was painted white! I looked at my mother stunned and confused. She just looked back at me and said “Isn’t Buffy a vampire?” I picked my head up with weary tears in my eyes and shouted
“She’s a VAMPIRE SLAYER! She KILLS Vampires!” 
lol Oh the good ole days…..

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  1. Miss A's comeback and the whole mini-album is genius! I can't get enough of "Over U" and "Touch". "No Mercy" is also very very good.
    I'd love to have hair like Suzy has!

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