KPop Fashion Finds: GIYONGCHY, VOGUE & More

Back with another KPop Fashion Finds!
Here’s how to get the latest and favorite items of 2NE1 and BIGBANG!

Bart Simpson Print

The original 2NE1 wears is from Jeremy Scott but there have been many renditions from other designers. I purchased mine from SuperMarket in Myeongdong. SuperMarket is a store in conjunction with Joyrich and also publishes the fashion magazine “Cracker Your Wardrobe.”

The Bart top I picked up was $70 (cheaper than the Scott version for sure.) I also spotted one (not sure if it was bootleg or not) on level B1 of DOOTTA fashion mall located in Dongdaemun.

Where to buy
SuperMarket – Myeongdong
Location: Go out exit 4 and turn left and walk down the main street of Myeongdong, about a 3 minute walk. When you see H&M to the right of you make a left down the small ally directly in front/across from H&M. SuperMarket will be on the corner of that street. Only a 30 second walk.)

DOOTTA Fashion Mall (Level B1) – Dongdaemun
Location: Dongdaemun history and culture Park, Dongdaemun shopping exit

Jeremy Scott – Currently sold out

G Dragons Giyongchy hat from “Crayon” video

One of the funny things about Korea is factories will bootleg Kpop stuff in a HOT second. So I was very happy when I spotted the Giyonchy hat in Myeongdong from a street seller. It was selling for 23,000W (<$20) but the girl gave me a small discount and I was able to get it for 20,000 (<$17.) Usually most hats (ex. Bad Boy Good Girl) run about 20,000 so I would advise not to pay any more than that. After a few months you can find them cheaper for like 13,000 won (if you want to wait.)

Where to buy
Myeongdong street vendors

Location:  All throughout Myeongdong shopping area

Order the beenie from Ebay for $18 USD

Order the snapback from Fuck HYPE‘s Facebook page

BOY London Hat

Everybody and they Kpop mama been rocking the BOY brand lately. It’s extremely popular and is the go to item for the stars. Fortunatly the store Supermarket sells BOY but I have my limits on how much Ill spend on something. Personally for clothes, I don’t go over 100,000W. If something is more than THAT, oh Pink Fashion Ninja say NO. 😛

Where to buy

I coped mine in Hongdae in a shop near exit 4. It was only 12,000W (<$10.) But now they’re sold in Myeongdong by street vendors. The one thing I don’t like is each hat has words under the brim. The one I bought says “GIRL” underneath which of course the original BOY London hats don’t. Other’s I’ve seen say the same thing or “GET OUT” along with random various sayings.

Location: Honkik University Station exit 4 or Myeongdong Shopping Area
Stroll along the Hongdae shopping area and keep an eye out for small hat shops.

Fashion Stylist Icon Patricia Field has the original BOY London hats on her website reasonably priced (if you’re okay with paying over $50 for a hat.) I’ve been itching to buy a real one but I’ve been debating if folks would even know it was real or not with so many bootlegs around. ..sigh…

Official Boy London site

Buy BOY London snapback cap

Buy BOY London Skirt

But BOY London T-Shirt

Buy BOY London Crop Top

GDragon’s VOGUE hat from Vogue Korea issue

GD has also rocked this on a few occasions posting the photos on Instagram and Twitter.

I haven’t ran across this offline but when I do I will update the information. (Myeongdong you’re telling me you don’t have this hat yet? Lol) has three styles to choose from. They even have a photo of GD on the website!

Where to buy

Vogue black snapback white letters $36USD

Vogue black snapback black letters

Vogue beenie

GD&TOP’s “Oh Yeah” (Japanese Ver.) Naval Hats

We all remember GD&TOP’s Japanese release of “Oh Yeah” with Park Bom last year right? Good. Well, their awesome matching Naval pin hats were from Patricia Field! Oh how I love BIGBANG’s stylist! She knows what’s up. I just purchased it so I’m waiting for it in the mail!

Where to buy

Russian Naval Pin Hat It’s only $40USD!


Great! Now you all have plenty of shopping to do! @ me on Twitter if you purchase any of the items. I want to see!

Photo Credit:
Complex Magazine
Vogue Korea
xxxibgdrgn @instragram

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