MOOTTA Best Styler Contest

Here’s another collaboration/contest I’m doing with Korean Fashion online store MOOTTA! Also for this contest YOU guys can win a $100 GIFT CARD to MOOTTA!! Enter the contest!
I’m Look #1!!!!!

Also one of my subscribers, Mhay created a look. We came up with the style theme “April Showers Brings Mhay Flowers!” My “Spring Blue” look represents the rain watering the land to bring in Spring while Mhay’s look represents the flowers in bloom! (Mhay’s look is #3.)

Directions: “Like” the MOOTTA FB page and then comment on which of the 4 looks you like the best! i.e Look 1 ,2 , 3 or 4. 

(For the contest, “Likes” will only be counted on the ORIGINAL post on MOOTTA’s FB page.)

Vote for #1 & #3!

Also check out and shop at!
Don’t forget to use the 10% off discount code! 


So go vote for Look #1 and/or #3 and LIKE the post to win a $100 gift card!
Let’s both win $100!

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