What’s Up Korea? Everything!

Everything is new nowadays. Some good and some bad. Embarking on another year abroad isn’t the easiest but I’m ready for the challenge.

New Vlogs: [Update] I won’t stop making personal videos I’m just expanding my videos to showcase and introduce Asian and Korean fashion trends, shops, designers ect. I have a few new K fashion vlogs I am starting so please stay tuned!

Living location: I’m just really happy I live in the city and everything is accessible to me now. I can travel around freely without having to take a 3 hour 30 minute bus ride to Seoul!

New School: My new place of employment is OKAY. I had a way better feeling about it the first week before I found out my new boss was a pompous arrogant jerk. So for an entire year I have to deal with him unfortunately. But if it gets too bad and he’s effecting my health, I’ll have no problem leaving early. I’m pretty sure if I threaten him with that his act will straighten up. Hmm.

So if you all want to request any fashion shops or areas to go to email or comment and I’ll be sure to do it!

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