What’s Up Korea: Let’s Toast to ANOTHER Year!

Hello readers! I am SO happy to announce I have started another year in Korea. Sorry to not have updated in a while! It’s just been so busy for me the last month or so. I was able to visit my family in America for 9 days in August so I’ve flown over the international date line quite a few times during the last month. I now live in Gyeonggido in Sanbon which is only 15 minutes out of Seoul. And I live on a subway line. Actually right in front of it!!!! Whoa right? I live in Gunpo City and now teach at an amazing public elementary school. I started Sept 3rd and have been loving it. It’s a lot better than my other school. I got great vibes from the the new school when I visited a day before I went back to visit my family. But I will say I am completely exhausted when the days over!
Oh yea, for those who follow me on Youtube, did you all remember my old apartment? It didn’t even have a window right? Well look at what I have NOW!

Wow it was like this place was meant for me? A total 360 from my old apartment. Haha. I live in a very young people filled, busy, Sinchon, Hongdae type area (well the shopping isn’t as amazing as Hongdae but you get my drift.) I can go out at 1 am in the morning grab some sam quip sal along with a ton of folks on the street. I feel so blessed to have such a great school, apartment, and city. It’s so different from my first experience here in Korea. I’ll be back on to posting videos and blogging my little head off.

Video tour!

A lot of you might remember a video titled “Dear Korea: To Leave or Stay.” Well there were 2 big factors for my decision to stay. The first was it made me sick to the stomach to know I’d have to move back to the US and start my life over again (FINDING a job, buying a car ect.) and I knew I’d miss Korea A LOT. I enjoy living in Korea A LOT. I love being able to have my favorite artist have a concert every weekend. I love that Korea’s a night culture, you can go anywhere at any time and get what you need. I would miss that a lot.

Second is that I feel there’s still more things waiting for here. That there are opportunities lurking around the corner waiting for its day. I really got a strong feeling about it. Heck I didn’t even think I was going to be able to stay here because I hadn’t done a single interview this entire year. It was also the middle of the year and all teaching positions were about filled. The recruiter I had worked with before wasn’t doing anything to get me another job so I decided to switch companies. At first the new company told me that all positions were filled and I’d have to wait til March to get anything. Even with this news I still felt calm and at peace that something would happen for me that I’d be able to stay here and lo and behold it did. Days later I got an email saying there was a position that came up that the school was looking for someone who was already in Korea. The next day I interviewed with the school and 2 hours later I got the job. I found out I beat 2 people other people for the position. It just happened so fast! But I put my faith and trust in God that he would lead me where I should go. When first moving here I went against my family and friends and moved to Korea because I WANTED to. I knew this was where I wanted to be and I knew that if it were meant for me to stay that an opportunity would arise.
And it did.
So let’s toast to another adventure filled year in Korea. May your dreams and mine come true.
Peace 😉

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  1. You definately deserved this! You stayed positive and had faith. Plus I would've been super upset to see you leave since you're one of the only 2 people I've been watching in a Korea. So I'm so happy for you! I even told my sister haha . Anyway…I hope you have a wonderful year!

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