Seoul Weekend: N Seoul Tower

Though I’ve only been in Korea 6 months, I have traveled to many places. N Seoul Tower was a place I had attempted to go to a few months back but couldn’t quite figure out how to get there. N Seoul Tower is located on top of Namsan mountain and one must take a bus or air lift to get to it. Fortunately I had a Korean person with me show me how to get around. It was a spectacular sight that one must experience themselves to grasp.
How to get there:
If you are in Korea and want to visit N Seoul Tower you can board the the green city bus at Myeondong or Namdaemun station. The last stop for the bus will take you to N Tower!
There was also a very cool traditional Korean fight sequence/play that was going on when we got there. Pretty awesome!

The locks on the fence were locks that couples put their names on and attached to the fence. It’s the perfect place for sweethearts! You can call it “Locks of Love!”

The amazing view of Seoul.

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