13 thoughts on “Big Bang Alive Tour Concert 2012 in Seoul (Fan Account)”

  1. I have a couple of questions, hope you can answer them ^^
    -Were you able to take pics/videos inside, once the concert started?
    -Do they check you, like they do in airports, up and down ur body, to see if you have something hidden in you.
    -the goodies they sell, were they available before AND after the concert?

    Thank you in advance! 😀

  2. Sure i can answer ur questions.
    1) no you cant take pics or record at all. Yg is very strict on recording at their events.
    2) Yes they checked bag but it wasnt that thorough of a check because it was just too many ppl.
    3) yes all kpop merch was available before and after. The official yg merch was only sold beforehand though but there were many unofficial booths around with their own bb stuff. I guess u can call it the underground merch. But i only think its sold in korea from businesses here.
    Hope that helps 😉

  3. heyy! how much did you pay for the tickets. im determined to splurge and get really close tickets to the front, but how much did those cost, and how much did your yg concert tickets cost? 😮

  4. hello,
    the tickets were 88,000 won which is about $84usd. All tickets are the exact same cost out here no matter how close or far. I dont know if itll be the same overseas though. YG tickets were the same price.

  5. im new 2 your channel and i just love u already and i subscribed <3 i just wanted to ask if u went to koreo just for the concert or do you live there thanks <3 <3

  6. Hello!! Thank you for subscribing! Happy you are enjoying it ;)♥ And No I didnt go just for the concert. I live in Korea and been for about 7 months now;)

  7. hello! i'm new to your channel, and i just love bigbang and your post here is amazing! i really wanna go to BB concerts but i'm worried that i'll be lost in korea since i dont know how to speak korean language 🙂 do you have twitter account? btw, thanks for making this wonderful entry! 😀 love it!

  8. Hello! Thanks so much for finding me!
    Since BB is doing a World Tour you wont have to worry about buying an expensive ticket to Korea because im pretty sure theyll come to a town near you! (Hope so!) They are quite amazing in concert.
    And yes I do have a twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/pnkfashionninja
    Thanks for the love and hope to see more comments from you soon!

  9. omg i just found out about your blog. i assume that this is the best experience in life ;__;YOU'RE SO LUCKY!! since the tickets are all sold at $84 how did you manage to get it? does it mean that the first one who buy gets to choose the places? 🙂 wow KVIPS must be queuing a few days before the ticket launch to get a close view seat..

  10. Haha yes it was one of the best experiences in my life! Kpop concerts are always the most exciting. 😉

    Even though all the tickets are 88,000 won you still have to choose a seat or a number spot if you get the standing section(if they arent all sold out.) So basically yes, if whoever buys tickets first gets best seats.

    Yeah I really havnt quite grasped how folks are able to get tickets so quick as soon as they go on sale. I know how the Japanese fans do it but how all K fans can be online at the same time and the server shuts down and theyre STILL able to get all the tickets is a mystery. Lol But I still got to go so I'm chill…. 😛

    Thanks for commenting!!!

  11. haha no problem, i'll catch up with your blog often 🙂
    so everytime when there's a concert, there's a war HAHAHA

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