5 thoughts on “2011 YG Family Concert (Fan Account)”

  1. You've seen half of the artists that I'd love to see live! I envy you! x)
    The pictures look amazing. It must've been great event! And you even got featured in YG Family's fb page!! How cool's that! 😀

  2. Lol yes it was pretty cool. Im happy I was able to experience it but trust me as much as these artists are traveling world wide performing now, there's no dout they'll be stoppin in a city close to you.

    Aja Aja Fighting!

  3. WOW, i'm wondering how to watch kpop concert live in Korea.
    are you living in Korea or what?
    i'm planning to visit Korea next year and want to watch artist under YG ent. How you bought the ticket? On the spot? Is it cheaper if you watch in Korea?

  4. Hello, Yes I am living in Korea.
    YG usually sells their tickets on GMarket.com (usually the Korean language site not the English site.) You can also purchase tickets at the venue.
    Tickets do seem to be much cheaper than Kpop concerts around the world. The BB Alive Tour in America tickets are $250 while here in Korea tickets are only 88,000Won.
    Hope this helps and you are able to see them!
    Good luck!

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