25 thoughts on “2NE1 New Evolution World Tour in Seoul (Fan Account)”

  1. You just made me even more excited to see them I'm going to the concert here in Nj. on the 17th of aug. I cant wait ^_^

  2. OMG, I want to go to the concert even more now! I'm now searching for tickets. This is like a once in a lifetime thing…I better just go, lol! 😀

  3. thank you for the fan account…my favorite 2ne1 song is maybe not the obvious one for other people but it is for me..it has to be "stay together" i love the sound the lyrics everything about that song…everything…and i want 2ne1 to stay together for as long as possible so yeah…

  4. I love all of 2ne1 songs I can't possibly choose. However you did say ONE song so the song that I choose is I am the Best. I am the Best is a song that I never get tired of listening to (#1 in my most played in my iPod touch) even when I work out I play it. I Am the Best is like my life theme song keke. Although, I Am the Best is not only a song that you can dance to, but for me it is a song that I can listen to when I am down or when I feel insecure about myself. Sort of a encouraging song for me. Although I love all of 2ne1 song, I am the best is one of my most favorites song.

  5. It's hard to choose which song is my favorite, because I truly like all equally.
    But I would go with 2NE1's UGLY. The beat is just very uplifting and the lyrics talks about everything we would feel frequently. A nice comforting song. ^_^

  6. I love watching your videos and keep up the good work! 🙂
    My favourite 2NE1 song is I AM THE BEST!
    Why? Because everytime I listen to this song really makes me believe that I AM THE BEST! This song also helps me during the exam times when I have to take an exam in school. I listen to this song before I take my exam because it gives me strength if you know what I mean? and it reakky makes me believe that I AM THE BEST and I can do anything. Not only that but the beat is so good that it makes me wanna dance =)

  7. UBER enjoyed your concert review! You're hilarious
    For the contest, I'd have to give the spotlight to 2ne1's Clap Your Hands. It's musicality, rhythm and lyrics, such as, "Wherever you were, whatever you were doing/Leave your worries all behind and everyone clap your hands," naturally draws out an energetic joy! And I enjoy the communal implications when they sing "2NE1 Let’s play together and call out quickly/Those who are alone." It's a great workout when you dance the MV dance =)

  8. My favorite 2NE1 Song is Ugly. Why? Well, because when u stop to like what u see in the mirror u have to believe in somethin and 2NE1 make me feel beautiful at least for 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

  9. Hello! This is the first video I'm watching of yours and you're really funny and kind! <3
    My favourite 2NE1 song would have to be I AM THE BEST. Without a doubt. This upbeat song is all too motivating! ^.^. I feel the greatest listening to 'naega jeil jal naga' when down and in doubt. 2NE1 HWAITING!~ I LOVE YOU~~~ The Pink Fashion Ninja, you are rad! ;D

  10. Concert was AMAZING! I went to the one in NJ this past Friday. I'm just so mad they were not selling any 2NE1 merchandise! I wanted them to take all my money! lol! But other than that everything else was amazing! Loved every moment of the concert!

  11. Really great fan account. I almost went to the one in NJ but decided not to, since I'm more of a BigBang fan. I kind of regret it now, as all the fancams I've seen look really fun. I will be attending the BigBang concert though!

    I've read about your blog in a few places so I had to come visit. Check out mine when you get a chance.


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