How to Make a Chain-link Scarf

This H&M scarf trended sometime ago but I just never got over it, so I HAD to make it.


Surprised it came out good 🙈#diyfashion #styletoks

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  • 1 yard of fabric or a scarf you own that you’d like to use for the project
  • Basic sewing machine
  • Thread (color that matches your fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Foam or stuffing for the inside of the chain links

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Steps for creating your Chain-link Scarf

  • I laid out my scarf (which was from H&M) and started to measure my strips. I estimated I could get about 20 strips from the scarf I had using 14.5″ long and 4″ wide strips to allow for seam allowance. I decided to create a easy pattern with those measurements so I can make another scarf again faster. From there I cut the width of my strips to the measurements. Afterwards I realized an alternative method would have been cutting long strips in the width that I need then sewing long strips but either way works.

  • Next you’ll want to fold the good sides of the fabric together of each strip and sew the sides together with your sewing machine. Next you’ll need to turn all of the strips inside out. Because of the thick material of the scarf I was using it took quite a bit of time so I did this while watching TV.

Don’t Worry, You’re Halfway There!

  • Once your strips are all turned inside out you’ll then proceed to stuff all the strips with foam or pillow stuffing. I chose foam since it was easy to grab at my local Joann’s. I ended up cutting the foam up into random bits to make it easier to stuff into the fabric. When stuffing I made sure to leave enough empty room at both ends to allow space to sew together. This was another activity that took some time so I completed it over a few days of TV watching. I suggest doing it while re-watching all 7 seasons of Buffy like I did!

  • After completing this step it’s time to link your chains together. The first link be a single link. To sew the ends together, bend the link in with the seam on the outside so all seams are the same direction. I used a simple stitch to sew the link closed.
  • For the next link, it’s imperative to link the second through the first one, bend with the seams on the outside and then sew the ends. Once those two are complete you continue to link each chain around the subsequent one then sew closed.
  • When all your links have been sew you’ll want to turn the seam side in and cut off any access fabric from the closed seam.
  • Now all of the long seams are hidden on the inside of the chain and the closed seams are disguised behind the other links.

And that’s how you can create you very own chain-link scarf.

Let me know what DIY projects you’re currently obsessing over in the comments!

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