Spring Trends!

Spring is finally among us and with it comes fashion trends! Here are a few of my favorite Spring and Kpop style trends!

Flower Power

Leehi wore this popular look in her newest ballad “Rose.”
Love must surely be in the air this season because the flower headband is in. Apparently a singer named Lana Del Ray set the trend ablaze, which I’m glad of because it’s whimsical and girly, two things I love dearly. Also it’s such a strong accessory that there’s no need to take much time with the rest of your outfit!

I purchased my large floral headband from h&m about a month ago. Currently the one I have isn’t available online but a red rose with veil headband is on sale for $18. (OMG I REALLY need to buy this one too!)


KPop star Taemin styled and profiled a tropical printed hat in Shinee’s newest video “Dream Girl.”
This print goes for both guys and girls. It’s not really a floral but a tropical type of plant/flower print. It reminds me of when retired old people go on vacations with their cameras and knee length shorts, 😀 Despite the connotation I’d rock the hat anyways. I’ve been seeing this print in countless shopping areas around Seoul. Its a very bright and bold print so I’m surprised to see its picked up out here, but I do feel I will only be seeing it on men. (As this style doesn’t really match the style aesthetic of most Korean women,)
Forever 21 is currently selling them for $14 while they also have a similar cap in stock but with an actual Floral print for only $10. H&M has the above pictured one similar to Taemin’s for $10.


To the Batmobile!

The Batman craze has taken Kpop by storm, from GD’s tagline “Why So Serious,” Epik High dressing up as the arch enemies of Batman to girl groups covering themselves with the logo. It’s cute, fun and of course everyone knows what it is!
Click on the small images above to purchase items shown above.

I spotted the Batman earrings GDragon rocked in the “Crayon” video on a site called Rings and Tings for a whopping $6.80! Hahaha.

Which trends are your favorite? Any others you looking forward too? Let me know in the comments!

Photo Credit: 
Tokyo Fashion.com

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