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Updated: 12/18/21
As a visual merchandiser I’ve always enjoyed home design but after getting 
my first official (and quite chic) apartment in the states I’ve caught the home décor bug
and it definitely isn’t going away. And since I have so much space now I want to showcase
my memories and such from Korea but in a chic and awesome way. So with those
things combined I came up with K-DIY Home Décor to feed my design bug and share
ideas with my fellow Hallyu lovers. With a crazy amount of posters, kpop buttons, CD’s, 
DVD, light sticks, concert tickets, magazines and more, I have to find a way to display
them and have them naturally flow with the design aesthetic of my place.

So first up is cheap and fun wall silhouette. Usually people do silhouettes of themselves
or their family members but I wanted to add my personality to it by using my 
favorite Kpop band! But it doesn’t have to be just a kpop singer. Any of your favorite
Korean actors or entertainers can be used to create this. It’s also under $20 to make 
which is awesome because you’ll have chic wall art for little money.

So if you enjoy this post please share it with your Hallyu loving friends and share on 
Pinterest also!

So you guys ready?

Watch the video here or read more of the post to learn how to do this awesome K-DIY!

Step 1
First you’ll want to gather all these things!

Spray Paint (2 bottles) – Lowes $2.98 each
Canvas Board 8×10 – Wal-Mart $2.48 (2 in a pack)
Printed Pictures of Your Favorite Artist
Exacto Knife
Plastic Covering or Newspaper

– Extra Supplies
Wall Decals 

The majority of these things should just be lying around your home with the only out of pocket being the spray paint cans and the canvas.

I suggest buying an 8×10 canvas to keep costs down because the larger the photo the more you’ll have to pay. An 8×10 is the largest photo size that can be printed on a regular home computer. After that you’ll need a more advanced printer or go to Kinko’s or any print shop and hand out the cash!

Step 2
Next you’ll want to find your favorite side view photos of any Korean entertainer(s) that you like. When you print them, choose 8×10 or which ever size your canvas is and make sure to unclick the option for the photo to fill the page.


Step 3
Now for the fun part! Grab your plastic cover or newspaper and cover your whole canvas with a shiny black spray paint. And let dry! I suggest letting them dry for over 24 hours.


Step 4
While your canvas is drying cut out the photos. If you have any intricate hairstyles like the G-Dragon one I did, you’ll want to use an exacto knife.


Step 5
Now that your photos are cut out it’s time to do some coordinating! Depending on how many photos you have, group the into groups depending on size. For example, out of the 5 photos I had, 3 were smaller and 2 were larger. By doing this you’ll help when placing them on your wall.

Step 6
After your glossy black spray paint has dried on your canvas, place your photos on top and measure how many inches you want them off the sides. Top, bottom, left and right. That way the silhouettes won’t be sloppily placed on the canvas.


Step 7
When you’ve finalized how you want them placed, grab a stick of glue and glue the photos down. Just glue the edges of the photo so that it’s easy to tear off when they’re dry. By using glue it’ll help prevent spray paint from getting under the photo. I’d suggest not using take as it leaves square shapes on the black spray paint.


Step 8
We’re almost there! Bring those bad boys out and get the spray painting! Make sure to cover the entire canvas including the sides and let dry for at least 24 hours. Possibly less if you feel it’s dry enough.


Step 9
Now peal the photo off and your fabulous work is revealed! If any residue from the glue or paper appear, just use a wet towel to wipe it off.


Step 10
For any additional swag, add glitter, words, or whatever your heart desires!


And bam! Hang them on your wall with strong wall hooks and now you have a fabulous, cheap and easy K-pop/KDrama/Korean Wall Silhouette! Any any additional wall decals or photos to make even more unique. I chose Cherry Blossom wall decals from Target for $10.99.

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