MAMAS (Mnet Asian Music Awards) 2015 Red Carpet Fashion

The 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards ended with a bang with the most prominent starts in Korean and Asian culture showcasing their talents from the year. And of course they must showcase it with style! This year for the first time, the best dressed is long than the worst dressed. So maybe some artist heard our wales and changed their stylist? Let’s hope.
But without further ado, here’s the MAMA 2015 Best/Worst Dressed List. 
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Best Dressed – Male

The silhouettes, color, fabrics and chicness of everything is FABOULUS. Absolutely stylish and what an awards show outfit should be. I usually don’t like SHINee’s attire but they really stepped up the game with this look. Key is giving me NY street chic to the fullest while Minho (dibibi^^) looks like he walked out of GQ magazine. And can we thank the kpop gods for Taemin bringing back the blond. My body is ready!!

Best Dressed Female
(Tie) Park Shin Hye & Hyuna

Stunning!!! Simple but chic! And girl those shoes! A simple, cute, fresh look with a sexy red lip. Girlfriend gets two thumbs up!!!

Miss Hyuna brought the color AND the whips. She knows how to show off her curves in the right way. I love that she chose a color that didn’t wash her out but accented her skin tone but made it contrast (almost harshly) with patent leather knee high boots. The contrast is excellent and definitely what Hyuna’s all about. 

Then she came back and rocked a cute two piece Versace with ankle socks and gold pumps! Has she always been this stylish?

Best Dressed

Han Chae Young (한채영)
Han Hyo Joo (한효주)

Ha Seok Jin (하석진)

Jessi brought the Hollywood lights with her with this classy, thigh high split gown. Gorgeous!


Kim Kang Woo (김강우)
Another one of my favorites from the men.

Kim So Eun & Seo Kang Joon (김소은 & 서강준)
Very nice!

Lee Ki Woo & Stephanie Lee (이기우 & 스테파니 이)
Beautiful cut out lavender gown silk suit. 

Lee Jung Jae (이정재)

Shin Ah Young, Moon Hee Jun & Ji Hera (신아영, 문희준 &지 헤라)
Everyone looks great EXCEPT for the atrocity Moon Hee Jun. Is he the vampire’s assistant? Or secretary?

Taeyeon (태연)
Everything is good about this except for the childish bow. Other than that I think it’s a beautiful gown and looks great on her skin.

Lee Sang Yoon & Uee (이상윤 & 유이)

Yeo Jin Goo & Kim So Hyun (여진구 & 김소현)

Yoo Yeon Seok & Son Ho Joon (유연석 & 손호준)

Zion T & Crush (자이언 티 & 크러쉬)

 BTS (방탄소년단)
 EXO (엑소)
I complain about them every year for wearing all black so this year they chose to be as color as possible and I still somehow hate it. But I asked for it right? I think individually this looks great but all together it’s a mess. But they’re on the best list none the less.
 Got7 (갓세번)
 Ikon (아이콘)
Yezi, Truedy, Basick & Lil Boi (예지, 트루디, 베이식 & 릴보이)
Everyone looks good except for Un-Truedy.

Worst Dressed
The worst dressed has been much longer the past few years of this awards so it was nice to have a shorter list this time.
Honh Soo Ah (홍수아)
Definitely the most horrifying of the night. I know Korea loves Elsie but sheesh. Give it some rest. This washes her out and makes her look like the abominable snowman on that old Christmas cartoon that used to come on TV.

Chu Ja Hyun (추자현)

F(x) (에프엑스)

Jung Seok Won (정석원)
I see where he was going with this but with his muscular size the print makes him look heavy. A larger print would have evened out his frame better and made him not look so top heavy. A print like this is better on a slimmer guy.

Kong Hyo Jin (공효진)
I feel Hyo Jin could have come out in something a bit dressier. This comes off as something she picked up at her local Marshall’s (or 8ight Seconds) while on the way to the event. 

Lee Kwang Soo & Park Bo Young
 I’m on the fence on Bo Young’s dress but I’ll let her pass.

San E (산이)
Sigh…..San E.

SeoHyun & Tiffany (서현 & 티파니)
Claudia Kim & Soo Hyun (수현)
What in the dreadful red hell.

Monsta X (몬스타 엑스)
It would have been great if they switched up the red like one with red shoes, pants, hat etc.  

Seventeen (세번틴)
Honestly this isn’t bad. But it isn’t great either. I need a bit more individual style from them. But hey they pre-performance was amazing! Big ups to Seventeen.
Best Vampire Look
The Koxx
Best Master Vampire Look

Credit: All photos CJ E&M

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