Kpop Phones

I ran across a really cool and easy DIY video for Kpop cell phone covers that I had to share. Just a few materials are needed and a printer and you’ve got yourself an awesome Kpopped phone. Check out the video below.

This DIY is great because most cases and covers are for IPhone’s so if you don’t have one (like me) you can now just create one for your specific phone.

Here’s mine!
I own a Galaxy (I wont say which version because it’s old. ^^) I only had a pink case so I used what I had but it still came out just fine.
If you’re busy or rather not make your own there are a few eBay sellers that have some really cool ones.
Big Bang and GD for $6.29
Various GD photos $13.99
If you try this DIY out, Tweet me a photo so I can see your creation!

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