Top 5 Weirdest Outfits in Kpop

Kpop Fashion gives us inspiration but sometimes it makes us scratch our heads with bewilderment. Here are 5 of the worst and most unexplainable outfits in Kpop. 

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#5 Taemin of SHINee

No doubt he looks fine but the shirt looks like it got mauled by a bear then was sent to him to wear. 

#4 B1A4

Maybe they found a 2001 issue of Word Up Magazine with B2K on the cover and got inspiration? Let’s hope that was the case.
#3 Tao of EXO

He was possibly auditioning for the upcoming Peter Pan play?
#2 CL of 2NE1 – Photo Shoot for ID Magazine

When fashion gets a little too avant garde.
#1 JYP Plastic Pants

Because everything is wrong with this.
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