Fashion Finds: Lip Service – Yum Yum Yum

New hip hip duo Lip Service recently debuted with a catchy and cute song titled “Yum Yum Yum” (냠냠냠). It’s literally difficult to get it out your head once you’ve listened to it so please beware. 🙂

The ladies rocked some great fashion in the video. I really loved their polka dot lipstick and it seems they took some style ideas from 80’s & 90’s hip hop video vixens. At least they’ve done their research. ^^ And I adore how the song is about food but there’s none in the video! I think it makes it less cliche. 
I found a few items the back dancers wore that were really cute.
First off we have a pair of studded mix media leggings from Forever 21 only $13.80!
Next is a cute hamburger top for only $12.80. The stylist made the top a crop top for some but other than that it’s the same.
Overall I really liked the video and song. Though the lyrics are basic as hell, the song is fun! Heck these kind of songs are the ones that make it viral! Gangnam Style, Bar Bar Bar….must I go on? I also love how the ladies are having so much fun in the video. They genuinely seem to love the song and concept unlike some groups where it seems forced and unnatural.
Before you leave let’s sing the lyrics together in harmony shall we?
“Now Hamburger hamburger ham, hamburger hamburger ham, hamburger hamburger ham, hamburger hamburger, 맜있어요 (delicious)!

Americano, Americano, Americano, Americano, Americano, Americano. Americano 맜있어요!

돈가스 (Pork Cutlet), 돈가스, 돈가스, 돈가스, 돈가스, 돈가스, 돈가스,  맜있어요!”
Oh yeah!
How are you feeling Lip Service’s new song? 

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