Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Guys VS Girls Ep: 1 Recap

Korea’s Next Top Model is back and bigger than ever! This season they’ve added men so they’re upping the sexy!
To start out the show the one and only Top Model (and executive producer) Tyra Banks herself showed up and chose the first batch of preliminary models! The PD’s seemed to REALLY love her and throughout her segment Yoon Ju and another judge kept telling her how awesome she was (but we already knew that.)

Isn’t that G-Dragon’s bestie, model Lee Soo Hyuk, beside Tyra? Yup!
Unlike last season, this season’s 1st episode grouped the preliminary round and the first 14 to get through along with their challenges and 1 person being sent home. The male model mentor this year is Kim Won Joong and of course the always awesome Han Ye Yun as the female model mentor.
Preliminary Mission: Street Photo Shoot
For the preliminary round the models challenge was to do their own hair and makeup for an impromptu, natural street photo shoot to show off their goods. 
Some guys had no clue what to do with the makeup.
Some did! Watch out now!
2nd Preliminary Challenge: Runway Show
For the second challenge the guys and guys had to strut their stuff down a runway with the challenge conditions being random couple matching with the opposite sex.
A male model opening the envelope to see who he was paired with!
Some models were not so comfortable with the coupling because they were still a minor.
This girl is only 14!
During the show, the crowd interacted with the show through social media along with an additional Runway Challenge of a Best Couple Contest voted by the audience.
Now’s time for the final cut!

Female Top 14: Hwang Ki Bbuem, Kim Min Jung, Han Ji Un, Jung So Hyun, Cho Ji In, Kim Soong Hee and Han Ji An.
Male Top 14: Lee Chul Woo, Jung Yong Soo, Bang Tae Un, Choi Jung Jin, Kim Jong Hoon and Shin Chae Hyuk, 
As a surprise, host Yoon Ju revealed the Best Couple contest and that 2 extra models (1 guy and 1 girl) would make it through. The winners were Jung Dong Gyu and Kim Yae Lim.
*Note: I will include individual photos of each model when their makeover photos are revealed next week

Rant Over
After the top 14 were chosen, a new mission began for the Program Title Shooting including a video and photo shoot.
Judges favorite Hwang Ki Bbuem was chosen the winner for her effortless photos and great presence.
1 Model Cut
It was between Han Ji An and Choi Ji In but in the end Ji In was cut due to her ballerina background. They felt she was a bit muscular and wasn’t giving off a model aura in her photos so she was sent home.
Then there were 15. 
Who’s your favorite male and female model this season?
Let me know in the comments!
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