Top 5 Fashionable Moments: Taeyang

Though our boy Taeyang is known for his sweet vocals and impeccable dancing, he’s also a fashion star in his own right. Over the years he’s dipped in quite a few trends, some good some not so good (anyone remember kimbap hair?) Let’s take a look at 5 of my favorite looks from Young Beezy.

#5 Ooh La La Paris Fashion Week Taeyang

During this visit to PFW, Taeyang really stood out on a global scale. Many were impressed with his chic edgy style bred straight from the Korean music scene. I enjoyed him recycling pieces during his visit and miss him hitting the style mark so right. He looks great with prints such as these. Bring out the prints Tae!
#4 ATTENTION! Military Bae

This look was around the “Just a Feeling” and “I’ll Be There” time. I feel this style of jacket suits him well and gives off a regal appeal to balance out his hip hop style. I honestly wished he’d revisit this!
2009 with Big Bang in Japan (looking quite deliciously tanned.)^^
#3 You Have The Right To Remain Silent! Police Beezy

Quite possibly the best outfit Taeyang has ever worn. The leather on leather look AND a seldom seen non athletic hat makes for fashion heaven. The fabric fit accented his small frame in all the right places and the fabric quality made him look like a million bucks. If accessorized anymore he’d be borderline YMCA but thank God it didn’t cross that line.~
#2 Laid Back Tae Daddy

When on stage his energy overflows forcing him to strip away whatever he has and the result is this: a cool chill look. Young Bae in a tee and pants with a bandanna is all we need! 
He seems the most free and happy dressed a minimal as possible which leads us to #1…………..
#1 SHIRTLESS!!!!!!

There’s no questioning this body. I’ve heard we look best in the clothes we we born in and golly is it true for Taeyang. You agree?
Honorable Mention
Pink Panther Dong

SOMEHOW I like this. Not sure exactly how, but I do. Maybe the flawless cut of the suit that fits his frame? The dapper double breasted buttons or the pants cut and sewn together by Zeus himself? The tease of tanned chest or the fuschia pink color Taeyang has never worn? Could be all the above. I believe the conclusion is that Taeyang should do a Simon Cowell and wear v neck shirts!

What’s your favorite fashion moment from Taeyang?

Photo Credit: Running Into The Sun 
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