Big Bang for Soul by Ludacris

Big Bang is making moves everywhere lately. With their phenomenal win beating Britney Spears as “Best World Wide Act” at the MTV European Awards, the boys seem to have world wide domination awaiting them. To be honest I’m waiting for the BET Awards to nominate “Rain” for “Best New Artist” or “Best Male Artist” and beat out Usher or Justin Beiber. I’M JUST SAYING! Wouldn’t you love to see 2ne1 win “Best Dance” at the US MTV Awards? Oh wow, I’d be a wreck if that happened!

“Who runs the World? ……KPOP!”

 My girl Tracy Ellis Ross handing out the award.

A great way to start reaching out internationally is to work with other foreign artists. Recently YG Ent and US rapper Ludacris signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) and will now be working on various music projects. One of the most recent ventures they have partnered on is the Soul by Ludacris headphone collection. 
The headphones can be purchased on the official YG eShop Site.

Ludacris teaming up with Big Bang like this gives a credibility that will be needed for whenever the choose to venture to the US. Ludacris is a respected rapper and actor and having him on their team will do both artists much success. This will also help Ludacris in creating more business ventures in the Asian market. Mr. Bridges can sit back and know he was one of the first US artists to recognize Kpop as a powerhouse. Pretty awesome!

Check out the suave photos from the phenomenal Big Bang advertising Soul by Ludacris!!!

 When does Taeyang NOT wear his shades? That’s the million dollar question.

Congrats to BIG BANG! And please enjoy one my favorite songs from them “Lies.” 

MNET @ Youtube

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