Style Log Korea: GD for BSX

Put GD on something and guess what? I’LL BUY IT. BSX knows what’s up. They knew putting Korea’s most beloved man in their promotions making kissy faces and showing midriff on a huge poster in the middle of Myeongdong would bring the ladies to the yard! I’m a little ashamed at how gullible I am to anything BIGBANG. Whatever venture or product they’re selling (or that Korea bootlegs) I’m buying!

I’ve also realized if you put a KPop Idol as a model for a product or store, expect fan girls. It’s inevitable. when my friend and I were on the 3rd floor roaming through the store a girl ran down the stairs and shouted “I love GD!” She flew past me so fast I didn’t even know where she came from at first. Then she saw my friend and I and excitedly asked us “Do you love GD?” Chiming in together, we both exclaimed “Yes!” To the delight of the girl she gave us high 5’s and proceeded to dance around the store.
Oh…the experiences only in Korea. 😀

At first I was a bit weary handing over $20 for basically a cotton baseball shirt. Finding one much cheaper is pretty easy but after I inspected the garment more I could tell it was of nice quality and I’d probably wouldn’t have to worry about it peeling. It’s very warm and fits my body shape pretty well, so I’m a happy camper. To spice it up I wore multi colored chandelier earrings with it in my video. Though it’s a bit simple for my taste it just goes to show it’s quite easy to add your personal flavor to something!
Check out

The cute shopping bag I got this weekend shopping in BSX.

I also share the latest magazines featuring 2NE1 and my blingy red spiked hat I’ve been rocking this year.
Digging the BSX style? Let me know!

Photo credit: BSX

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  1. Hello,
    Yes I will be attending the concert this weekend. Both days 😀 SOO excited. And of course a fan account and many pictures will follow. So please look forward 😀

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