My Kpop Sock Collection

So I have a “small” addiction to purchasing socks…specifically Kpop socks here in Korea. I hadn’t realized how many I had until I organized my undies drawer and kept coming face to face with Kpop idols. A few of these I will actually be giving away in upcoming contest (of course the ones I haven’t worn yet. Lol.) Please enjoy the photos below. I thought it was cute and wanted to share. You can totally see my biases are 2NE1 and Big Bang. I know your wondering “Why not more Rain socks?” Well my dear friend..since Rain isn’t a youngin’ (he’s 31 for those who don’t know) it’s sometimes hard to run across 비 socks. But I eventually dig deep enough or find some good places that always have Rain in stock. And well that just means I MUST GO BUY MORE SOCKS! AHAHAHAHA

The entire collection minus a pair of Jokwon from 2AM because I forgot to add it in. 😉
 Cartoon 2NE1
 Hottest chick in Seoul City CL
 Big Bang Collection
 My boy Tae Tae (I just bought the ones with the mask on today actually!)

 Asia’s fashionisto GD
 GD, Seungri & TOP
 MBLAQ & Junsu

Taecyeon of 2pm
Jonghyun of Shinee 
Siwon & Donghae of Super Junior

Hyunseung & Yoseb of Beast
RAIN 비!!!!!!!!

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