Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2013 Schedule

Hello everyone!
Seoul Fashion Week is next week! I’m really excited to see what the designers have to offer this year and what global media outlets and coverage the event will have since “Gangnam Style” has taken over the world.
Below is the schedule for this year. Starting on Monday Oct 22nd to Sunday Oct 28th. The event is open to the public with tickets being sold for only 7,000!!! ($6 USD)
The one challenge or con I will share is if you are planning to attend you must have an Alien Registration Card issued from Korea to purchase tickets online as Also to register you need to have a permanent address and a Korean cell phone or credit/debit card to validate living in Korea. Unfortunately when signing up for things online in Korea, it requires ALL your personal information and takes a while to complete (if your a non-Korean speaking person). I’m positive tickets will be sold at the door BUT there’s a huge chance that all shows will be sold out which happen to me last year. I’m not sure if you have to present your ARC if you purchase at the door but I’d bring it just to be safe.

Unfortunately all the shows during the day I will have to miss because of work but I’m happy my favorites are showing at other times. 🙂

Designers I suggest to see:
Vandalist by Vandal
Big Park
If you can make it Friday morning go see STEVE J AND YONI P!!! AMAZING GO SEE!

Tickets can be purchased at Yes24. The tickets are sold individually for each show.

Hope to see you there!

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