GD’s One of A Kind

So the most anticipated solo album of the year is finally among us. Who else than JiYong aka G-Dragon. The first single off the album is titled “One of Kind” which GD surely is. No one has as much talent and swagger as this guy, seriously. The full video finally gets released on August 25 (KST). As most of you all know August 18th (GD’s birthday) was supposed to be the initial release date. But with the new video content rating law that was implemented (on August 18th no less) in Korea, he had to push back when he could  officially release it. So check out the teaser photos and video released throughout the week. Now I’m just crossing my fingers he will have a solo concert so I can jam to GD all night long! Come on GD….make MY birthday wish come true! 😉
Also check out the official Music Video Countdown on the YG life Blog.

And FYI, GD looks JUST like Ice Cube’s girlfriend from the movie Friday with his blond braids. Now I do love the hair but the first thing that came to mind was her. ;D

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