2NE1 Loves You

2NE1 is back and ready to take over the world! Their newest song “I Love You” is a soothing ballad that sings to the broken hearted. The video is very Japanese inspired. They’re even cherry blossoms on Mimzy’s nails!

2NE1’s style is always top knotch. Accessories galore and high named fashion designers such as Alexander Mcqueen and Givenchy. I appreciate Dara being dressed more feminine because with her small frame she looks really cute in girly clothes. Now all I’m waiting for is Mimzy to be dressed like the sexy diva that she is (which we saw some of it in the “Cant Nobody” video) and I’d be a happy camper!

Now the video story seems to tell of four ladies in a kind of “love house” that have fell in love with a suitor. They go to great lengths to get to him. When they’re on the trains it’s as if they left their lives and homes to chase this man and show him their heart. Now this is definitely different from the fierce I-dont-care style that 2NE1 usually does. It’s a nice change though as everyone must make changes to conquer new challenges. Speaking of new challenges they will be enbarking on their first World Tour title “2NE1 New Evolution World Tour.” I’m actually purchasing tickets this very moment! I’m so excited to see them again and you all know I’ll definitely going to do a spazzed fan account video of it!!

But for right now, check out the video then peep some of my favorite screen caps below!

Fierce golden frog ring.
But the ring is so big is scratches the door! Ha!
Um…CL what size are those? An 8 1/2? Ok can I borrow em?

I like the Cassie half shaven head on Dara.
Looks like a vintage Chanel hat to me.
Bom’s cute nails.

4 thoughts on “2NE1 Loves You”

  1. I love 2NE1's style as well. I especially love Dara's hair. I think this has to be my favorite hairstyle for her so far. I think she looks so feminine and grownup with it. I always love whatever CL is rockin' and those leopard, spiked boots are killa!! I would have liked a lil bit more Bommie in this one, but it's all good. Minzy might be a little less sexy because Yang Goon said he doesn't want her to be too sexy, considering how young she is.

    I am too jealous that you get to attend their world tour. I am going to watch BIGBANG when they come to Newark, NJ in November, but unfortunately I will not get to see 2NE1 when they come to the States. I will be sure to post a YouTube video and a blog post after I attend the BB concert. Take care.

    Shea <3

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