My KBS Sponge (스펀지) Episode!

My KBS Sponge episode aired on TV! As soon as it did I frantically searched for the video online. I had been searching Google trying to find it but to no avail but something told me to switch languages. I decided to look for it in Hangul on a Korean portal site and lo and behold I found it easily! Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to embed the video so if anyone runs across one I can embed please let me know! Crazy me almost missed it when it aired on TV because I was on the computer!
You can follow the link below to watch the episode in its entirety. The Waygook (aka foreigner) special starts at the 34:27 mark (I come in again at 45:30.)

If you would like to view the show in short segments, CLICK HERE and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see a blue
side bar on the right hand side. My segments are the 8th tab from the bottom
and the 5th tab from the bottom of the blue side bar. Click on those and it will lead you right to it! You can comment and share by using one of the Twitter, Facebook or ME2Day icons. Please share and comment!
If you all want to know more about the episode you can simple copy and paste 스펀지 422회 into the search box on

Also click here to view the post where I talk about my experience taping the show!

I did a few screen shots to translate and guide you on what’s going on.
So here’s the PINK FASHION NINJA on Sponge TV!

My introduction.
에이프릴 is “April” in Korean + English = Konglish.
Pronounced “Eh-e-pu-lil.”
They actually stretched my name out way more than usual. People normally spell it 에프릴 pronounced like “Eh-pu-lil” without the extra “e” sound. Either way it’s funny. 미국 literally means the United States of America. 캔지스 is Konglish for Kansas pronounced “Ken-je-su.” Lol. (This cracks me up.) 23 세 is my age. 세 can mean generation. So I’m in the 20’s age group generation. 학생 means student but actually I’m a teacher. Lol.

When Sham and I first arrived at the building we had to guess what our first assignment was.

We found out the assignment was to do walk up calls in the morning for the people in the apartment building. We were cracking up because apparently one woman never actually gets up so to prove she’s finally awake she flushes the toilet so people can believe her. Pretty hilarious!

The second assignment was working for a moving company. KBS cut out the part when the moving truck guys told me I’d be working in the kitchen packing dishes. I was like “Oh hell NAW!”

They kept telling us to be shocked when seeing stuff which is odd because everyone’s moved a box, lifted a box, and or taped one before. Lol. So my expression is totally my best “oh my gosh I’ve never seen this before!” face I could muster. ;P
Also by the time we shot this part my hair was GONE! The cold rain destroyed it and it was no longer presentable. BLAH!

We also filmed at an office building and did a scene at Angel in Us coffee shop for about 2 hours in Gangnam but you all know how TV is, 12 hours of shooting and only 3 minutes actually air. Lol. I had A LOT OF FUN and it was an experience I’ll never forget. It’s something I can tell my grandchildren 1 MILLION years from now 🙂 Hopefully this is a positive step toward the blending and understanding of cultures around the world.

A bonus!
Here’s my infamous DOMO BAG I carry every single day. It’s like Hermoine from Harry Potter’s never ending bag, I can fit a tent it that thang! And look at my Rain “Best of Show” buttons on Domo’s legs!

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