Eat A lot of Turkey for Me!

This will be my first holiday without my family. Living in a foreign country has many of perks and adventures but one of the obvious downfalls is certainly not being able to be with your family for the holidays. It’s an hour from midnight on Friday in Korea (so technically Thursdays done here) but I know in the Good ol USA people are in front of the TV with a huge plate, happily stuffing their mouths. Please eat well for me. Sweet potato pie, three cheese macaroni and cheese, coconut cake, cranberry sauce, make-you-wanna-slap-yo-mama stuffing, hot buttered rolls, AND the gracious turkey who laid down its life so that folks could have a good meal. I love my family dearly and I wish all PinkFashionNinja readers and visitors a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Please enjoy pictures of a few of my favorite winter coats for the season and some funny Thanksgiving pictures!

Vivienne Westwood

Derek Lam
Rue du Mail Coat

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