The Curse of Lotte World

It’s either I’m a ditz, my Hello Kitty purse is cursed, or Lotte World had something against me. Either one of those could be the culprit of my misadventures at Lotte World. Now I had a nice time even though it was FREEZING outside and the other two people in the group that went with me and my coworker couldn’t speak any English.
Lotte World is an amusement park that is half indoor and outdoor. Lotte is a department store and company that manufactures many different types of products. You can compare a Lotte Department store to Macy’s. Just picture if there were a Macy’s World. The only difference is the Lotte company has many more inner branches within the company.
The huge roller coasters were the outside rides and the theme attractions, shows, and smaller coasters were indoor. They even had a ice skating rink. I think they used it to shoot a few Kdramas such as “Boys Over Flowers.”

America when you go to a theme park and they tear off half of your ticket, you are then done with it. There’s no more use for it. Well in Korea you must show your ticket every time before you get on a ride. Now I usually keep up with things well especially since I usually travel by myself. I always double, triple check everything and make sure all of my bags are secure and zipped. Well maybe since I was with other people I was a little more relaxed and didn’t pay attention like I usually do. I THOUGHT I had put the ticket back in my bag but to the contrary it was not there. I also opted to use a different bag than my usual duffle bag with a zipper. My mom had sent me this amazing Hello Kitty purse as a present and I wanted to wear it as soon as I got it. I also wanted to bring a smaller bag since I thought I would have to carry it while I was in Lotte World but come to find out they had lockers you could pay to store your belongings in.
I still had a great time so please enjoy the pictures knowing I did have fun! It wasn’t all bad. 🙂
Anywho since the purse was huge and has only one snap in the middle, the ticket fell out. We were in the park for no more then 2 minutes when I realized I didn’t have it. If I had a receipt I could have just got another ticket printed but my friend and her buds decided to get “black market” tickets so unfortunetly there was no paper trail for me to fall back on. Because of this I ended up having to pay the full price of the ticket anyway plus more. AGH! (And this would be a reason I usually travel alone.)
I’ve been a good girl this year Santa!!! Now the only present I want this year is a man
named Jung Jihoon aka RAIN! That’s all I ask for!!!
It had to be only 40 degrees outside because after so long my toes went numb and I wasn’t able to feel them anymore. lol
Hmmm what does this castle remind you of? Copyright infringement can we say?
Footage of this crazy ride I did NOT get on.

I did ride a few roller coasters that were awesome. I am a roller coaster enthusiast at heart but when your fingers and toes go numb it’s time to call it quits. So we headed back into the warmth of indoor Lotte World and explored more.
After many hours of fun we were waiting in line for another ride when something popped into my head out of the blue. The message was “APRIL, WHERE’S YOUR LOCKER KEY?” That was actually a really good question at the moment because come to find out, it was not in my purse anymore! Ahh!
On a few of the roller coasters I was advised to take off my earrings so they wouldn’t fly off. I obliged and sat them in my purse. While waiting in line for an indoor water ride, I reached inside my bag to put them back on. As I pulled them out something hit my foot and bounced off the bridge I was standing on and fell into the water. I thought it was my $10 earring from H&M but come to find out it wasn’t. IT WAS THE KEY TO THE LOCKER I BOUGHT AT LOTTE WORLD CONTAINING MY BELONGINGS!!! Omg. There goes another horrible mishap for me. So we had to get out of line to figure out how to get my belongings. At first I felt really bad because this was the second stupid problem I ran into but since I was the one who planned this whole damn thing anyway I just didn’t worry anymore. All I wanted were my belongings.
Well after only 5 minutes and $5 extra dollars I had my stuff safe and sound. Thank God I had a Korean coworker with me who could communicate for me and solve the problem flawlessly. Oh look It’s very helpful to travel with a native speaker when you are out and about in a foreign country!
Bizarre story but hey, I’m happy I am able experience these crazy things……..SOMETIMES. LOL
Please enjoy the rest of the pictures!
This thing was sooo freaky looking.
There was an Egyptian ride called “The Pharaoh’s Curse” that had a fake mini museum that you walked through
before you got in line to ride. Pretty awesome!
How the hell did Disney characters Cinderella and Pinocchio get to Lotte World in Korea? Hmmm.
Now I know if I ever need to get another job in Korea as a foreigner, Lotte World hires them for clowns.
This fun ride was called “Drunken Basket.”
This ride was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
Picture taken while I was on the Lotte World monorail where you can view the entire park inside and out
from high above!
I’m locked up! They won’t let me out!
I so love fighting games. I made it to round 3 in Teken!
Hello Kitty!
This machine reminds me of the one from the movie “Ajushi” aka “The Man from Nowhere” featuring Won Bin.
Lol I wonder if there are drugs hidden somewhere? Hmmm?
My coworker and her boyfriend with the Saw and Scream masks on. I have no clue why the theme park sold these.
Crazy weekend but I survived. I’ll probably stay in Samcheok this upcoming weekend because Dec 4th I am going to the YG FAMILY CONCERT in Seoul featuring BIG BANG, 2NE1, TABLO!!!!
You all know I’ll be right here to post pictures and video! Until next time!
Happy Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “The Curse of Lotte World”

  1. Woow! I was so waiting for this! Lotte World looks huge place..! 😯 I'm sorry to hear your misfortunes but I hope you still had plenty of fun! 🙂

    YG FAMILY CONCERT!?! O_O Lucky you~! I'm sure that my friend would be SO jealous since she loves YG family… XD

  2. Yeah I usually run into mishaps. lol But I don't let them stop me!

    I'm so excited for the concert. I'm a huge Taeyang and Gd TOP fan so I am ready to sing and scream my heart out!

    There's also a YG decorated Subway bus in Seoul that I am going to find so I can ride it and take pictures!

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