TV5XQ Before Most Of Us Knew Them

“Most of Us” is in reference to the new Kpop fans of TVXQ/JYJ. Anyone who has started to like/listen to Kpop within the last 2 years I would title “New” and that includes me. (There are fans who are even newer {and who seem to be on a crazier level} than most of us. :O

Last weekend in Incheon when I stayed at coworkersqer house she promised me weeks before that she would show me her TVXQ collection. Now she is a Korean woman who has been with Kpop since the beggining. She was bumping “믿어요” in Korea while we were still rocking to “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. (That’s still my jam!) I’ll be honest and say I probably couldn’t of pointed to Korea on the map at that time. But Boy Oh Boy, How times change!

So that Saturday night I was sooo excited to dig deep into her TVXQ collection and took many pictures! I also happened to run into some old school Rain, Super Junior and Big Bang. Since there are SO many pictures I took I will split these into two post. This one will be about TVXQ back in the day and the other post for Rain, SJ, and BB.

Please strap your seat belt for this exciting ride!


First up Junior Magazine 2006

This unlucky lady was a singer at the time that was featured in the magazine where it was revealed she dated Jaejoong. Well my coworkers bias was Jaejoong and at that time her poor little heart couldn’t take another woman touching her man.

Next up: the Japanese TVXQ photo book from their trip to Los Angeles. I’m not sure what year this was from.

I truly believe Jaejoong is a Vampire. He looks like Edward Cullen. He always has that mysterious weird look that it very vampish. lol

Fun Times as 5!
Great right? Very candid moments between the 5 to be cherished!

The last photo book is one from their Summer Trip in Bora Bora. I’m pretty the single “Picture of You” was released around this time because the beach and scenery from the video look strikingly similar.

They also released an album entitled “Sky” from which the single “Sky” became the background music for Baskin Robbins Ice Cream commercials in 2006!
In 2006 they also released their first Japanese CD “Heart, Mind and Soul” which included remakes of their Korean songs.

Did you know the album “Balloons” was released in 4 different editions? WOW SM was really trying to take advantage of their young diehard fans because they knew the girls would buy all 4. And look here it is. My friend said she didn’t eat lunch for a few weeks because she used all her lunch money to buy all 4 versions. Lol

I’m loving those high waisted pants on Chagmin!

One of the editions even came with these freakishly cool trading cards!!!
Why in the hell they would put grown men in furry costumes is WAY beyond me.

Here’s the infamous “Balloons” video. Ugh! I’m sorry I can’t find this cute at all. I got introduced to TVXQ through “Wrong Number” so this is way out of my ball park.

I must save my EYES!!! Please view the sexy video below! Save your eyes too!!!

I hope you all enjoyed a journey through the early times of TV5XQ. I wish Homin and JYJ the best because I adore both groups.


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