Dongdaemun (동대문), Where Your Fashion Oasis Awaits!

I love going to Seoul every weekend and wondering what new things I will discover. A friend told me of this great area called Dongdaemun in Seoul that literally sells EVERYTHING pertaining to clothing for cheap. If Ralph Lauren wanted to go to Dongdaemun to make a 12 piece collection he could. He could get the fabric, zippers, notions, feathers, appliques, pearls, and/or pins. If he decided to make matching handbags and belts, everything from the buckle to the lining he could find. If he also wanted to make the curtains for the stage and buy the hangers and racks to put the clothes on HE COULD! Absolutely EVERYTHING you could every want for fashion rests in Dongdaemun. It’s very cheap in price and usually none of the items have a brand. The entire Dongdaemun area consists of shops on the streets with low prices to 10 story malls with higher priced clothing. It’s definitely a sight to see.

 A crazy amount of zippers! And this was just for one shop on the street. 
 This is not a store but a square foot area in a warehouse.

 Want a cheap priced suit? I’m sure they have your size!
 Fabric sold for Korean Hanboks.

They even sell books. Whatever book your heart desires.

The rhinestones I bought for my face masks! I will show you all my completed ones soon!

This is also where I got my Kpop socks from! Only $1!

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  1. Happy Halloween to you too!! I hope all is well with school. Are you going to send me some American treats???!!! lolz I can send u a message on Twitter with my address. 🙂

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