Mental Health Mondays: How to stay motivated as a content creator

 Hello again,

This Mental Health Monday will be all about motivation (specifically how to keep it churning.)

Posting entertaining and engaging content can be quite rewarding but dealing with mental health while trying to build a brand can sometimes be overwhelming. 

There are days we wake up ready to take on our tasks and other days when we feel like none of its worth it. I’m speaking from experience as someone who deals with depression that distract you from creating.

Here are 5 ways that help me stay motivated as a content creator.

Photos of my goals as backdrops

Since I always have my phone or laptop I felt a good way to constantly remind myself of my aspirations is to always see a photo of it. It can be a spot of a place you want to vacation, a quote or a celebrity (or anime) crush that puts a smile on your face. Anything that gets your spirits up and reminded that every little things counts. My go-to photo are the Phraya Nakhon Cave in Thailand (it’s super gorgeous place I want to visit someday) and a photo of Taemin. Lol.


369 Manifesting

I recently ran across this on social media. It mainly kicks your mind into gear by constantly reminding yourself of your goals. How it works. In the morning write down your aspirations 3 times. In the afternoon write them down 6 times and in the evening 9 times. Only downside is one can forget to do it daily but when you do remember to do it it helps greatly.

Don’t be ashamed of wanting the world to see your work

It’s good to know you are the stuff. One might think it comes across as cocky but when needing motivation to keep going it’s good to remind yourself that people need to see your talents! I start to visual all the styles I want to showcase and ideas I have yet to create. I’ll even see what others are doing and say “hey I have great ideas like that!” But people won’t be able to see it unless I get up and get to it. Easier said than done but when applied with all these steps it can take us closer to completing our goals. 

Seeking Inspiration

One of the best places I find to be inspired is TikTok. Now it definitely depends on your personal FYP (for your page) algorithm. An example would be that you’re currently interested in tips for drawing but TikTok mostly shows you dance videos because that’s the content you interact with most. So if you’re not seeing the kind of content you want to create or be inspired by – do a quick search and start following and liking different artists videos. That way the algorithm picks up the new content you’re consuming. I get inspiration from the multitude of fashion TikTokers and apply some ideas to my niche. It’s helped me come up with some great (and unique) content ideas. 

Realizing you deserve downtime

When dealing with mental health our minds pull our thoughts through all sort of emotions. One day (usually at night) I get a ton of inspiration, I’ll write everything down and will anticipate the morning. I’ll then wake up, feel worthless and never get to what I was wanting to do. Am I the only one this happens to? When that does happen I allow myself to cope but it hasn’t always been that way. I used to (and still) feel terrible not doing anything. I think “I’m sitting here watching someone else achieve their dream. I should be u trying to achieve mind!” It’s not a bad thought to live by but we have to remember resting our mind is not a bad thing. The world has gloried the “hustle” life so we believe we must always “be on.” But we can’t be on when our mind is off. Allow your mind some downtime to process. Watch your favorite Kdrama, eat some popcorn and rest. By doing that our minds learn that it’s okay to not always be on. After this I usually feel a bit better and am ready to start on the projects I was putting off. 

How do you stay motivated as a content creator?

Share your tips in the comments.

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