Can Anyone Attend Seoul Fashion Week? Most Asked Questions About SFW

There’s still a lot of mystery about who can attend and who you can see at Seoul Fashion Week so I’m here to answer all your burning questions. 

Can anyone go to SFW?

*Pre-Covid Yes, for the most part. Tickets usually are sold on various Korean sites such as Yes24. Front row is usually reserved for VIP but you can grab a seat if there is one available. When seats are full, depending on the show, you can still join but in the standing area. *Post-Covid – Shows are being shot indoor and outdoors with live virtual and pre-recorded shows.

Where is SFW held? 

Over the last 5 years it has been held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza DDP but previously it was held at various spots all around Seoul. You would have to travel to each individual place similar to how NYFW used to be. They also still do opening ceremonies and a few shows at the Seoul Museum in Jongno.

Can you see models or celebrities at SFW?

Yes. By just hanging outside of DDP you can see all your favorite models chilling about and your favorite celebrity attendees posing for photos outside before they enter the venue. 

Funny story time: Korea’s Next Top Model finalist Han Seung Su was walking around with his friends outside DDP and a swarm of fans trapped him against a wall. No security, no help no anything. Poor guy, his friends didn’t help him – I guess they felt they couldn’t do anything against a swarm of fan girls (yes I was a part of the swarm because he’s my #1 favorite model but I did feel bad.) 😀

Are the fashions at SFW similar to Korean streetwear?

The styles are a lot more minimalistic compared to the street fashion but it depends of the designer and their inspiration for the show. You’ll see the styles at SFW available at Doota mall (Doosan Tower.)

What do you wear to SFW?

The sky’s the limit at any fashion week so bring out your most innovative and creative gear. 

If you have more questions or if you’ve been to SFW before –  share your favorite tips and more with others in the comments.

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