6 Reason Why I Love Face Sheet Masks and Why You Should Too!

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My love of face sheet masks started 10 years ago when I first moved to South Korea. It was also my first introduction to the wonders of K-Beauty! From toners, serums, foil masks and more – it was like a infinite universe of awesome innovative products to experience. Fast forward now to 2021 where my love and knowledge of K-Beauty is at level Daebak – I bring you my top 6 reasons why I love face sheet masks. 
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1. They’re inexpensive

As cheap as $1 and usually never over $10!

A few of my favorites are Collagen Impact and the Proatin Mask from Mediheal

2. Easily Accessible

Nowadays they’re sold at fast fashion retailers, big box retailers or local Asian marts all over the US. No more waiting months for your order to come!

3. Endless varieties

Chrysanthemum, Hello Kitty, broccoli, hand and foot masks – you name it. There are so many to try!

Try the Relaxing Comma and S.O.S Green Soothing mask from I’m Sorry For My Skin.

4. Easy to use

Just unfold and apply! Wait 20 mins and throw it away. Cant get much easier than that.

5. Hydrates the skin all day

After you take it off you don’t need anything else. Of course if you have time you can add toner but overall one sheet and you’re good for the day.

6. Perfect to do alone or with friends

The 8 Step Travel Jelly Mask is great after a nice hot shower or for a small party with your bff. 

Are you a fan of face sheet masks? 

Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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