CL Shines in Vogue Singapore

 CL has recently returned to the stage with her new double singles Hwa and 5 Star. Both showcase her amazing vocals and never ending stage presence. As an OG 2NE1 fan, I’m so glad to see all four of the ladies doing what they love. And of course they’re going to do it with style. So let’s check out some amazing looks from CL’s digital cover of Vogue Singapore.

For this shoot CL was styled in looks from Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, Blindness, Hee Kim and Simone Roca.

“There is beauty in going through the waves of life, and being honest and comfortable in your own skin. I feel blessed to have gone through that—whether it is fashion, beauty or career wise—because I can now empathise with people.”

CL – Vogue Magazine 

What was your favorite look from the shoot?
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Credit: Vogue Singapore

Editor-in-chief: @MusingMutley

Photographer: @ChoGiSeok

Fashion director: The Monkie

Videographers: 2TAP 29 & 노상균

Stylist: Juju

Hair: Gabe Sin

Photographer’s assistant: 장윤석

Make-up: 5ssmakeup

Story: Amelia Chia

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