4 Reasons Why I Stan Ateez (and you should too)

1) Leader Hongjoong’s skills

hongjoong covering havana (2018) pic.twitter.com/ykdfsThjx5

— ateez doing things (@ateezthings) June 22, 2018

I only stan kings so it’s no surprise that my bias is a songwriter/producer. I’m extremely excited for his future in the music industry!

2) How Terrible They Are At Games

Most Kpop groups do really well when it comes to variety and games shows where they have to do activities as a group but Ateez is a bit different. They’re so terrible at teamwork games that it actually makes the situation 10 times funnier. It could be on purpose or because they’re so new still but either way I absolutely live for it. It’s a part of their charm!

3) Their impeccable stage presence

The Kpop industry is known for producing top talent with impeccable dance moves, catchy songs and beautifully mastered videos. So if 100% is already the expectation, HOW is Ateez able to surpass that? Their performances add another 100% with their sleek facial expressions and massive energy. No matter which member you look at while their dancing in the back or front, each gives it their all and perform as if the whole song is theirs. Truly amazing.

4) Their down to earth personalities


Ateez seem like the most down to Earth group out there. In this episode of Attez Logbook they met the choreographer for Say My Name and got to do the dance with him. They all seemed extremely excited and took his small notes on extra emotions and tricks to add to the key point of the dance. No matter the language barrier, these guys know how to vibe with people.

Do you all agree? What are some of your favorite things about Ateez?

Credit: taetertot, Ateez, @ateexthings, DKDTV

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