Why are Korean Face Shapes a Big Deal? + Etude House Firm V-Zone Patch Review

To anyone familiar with Korean culture you’ll already have a gist on today’s post. Most know that face shape in Korea is a HUGE deal that starts from childhood all the way to the ajummah days. During my time as a teacher in Korea, I heard my students fret over their face shape, eyes not being big enough or skin not be white enough. Though these topics can be concerns of any preteen, the worriment and stress emphasized in South Korea impacts ones daily life and career tremendously.

To go more in depth on this trend one must look at its history. How did face shape like the V-Line become so important and why is it such a huge factor today for Koreans? And after that I’ll segue into a review of Etude House’s popular Firm V-Zone Patch, that when used daily, can give the coveted pointy V-Line chin! Though for me it seemed more like being wrapped in a neck brace but we’ll get there soon enough.

So why are pointy chins and face shape so important in Korea?

The history of beauty in Korea is a long one but from researching online it’s safe to conclude that no ones really pin pointed the exact reason for the standards. But some possible reasons have been discussed that we can go over.

This seems to be one most agree on. Western beauty standards along with Japanese colonial rule are two large factors leading to a prevalent inferior beauty complex culture among Koreans. White skin (historically showed signs of wealth), tall nose bridges and double eye lids are just a few of the criteria pressured among the people. Which evidently lead to more drastic and unnatural features such as V-line chins and surgery for rounded foreheads.

Who doesn’t love youth right? It’s awesome to be young and perky but being older and fabulous is awesome too! (Hey everyone thinks my 45 year old mother is my sister!) Though youth is highly sought world wide, it’s prevalent in Korean beauty as it displays cuteness and naivety. Aegyo sal (under eye fat), V-lines (creates a small triangular face) and straight brows are major requirements for acceptance within the masses. The best example of this is in Kpop and Kdramas. New Jeans, Stray Kids, Le Serrafim and actors such as Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Minho and Song Hye Kyo are just the tip of the ice berg!

Now of course, every country has beauty standards. A large majority of people try to mimic those standards for acceptance so this in no way a condescending view of Korea but an observation that we as Hallyu fans have been exposed to and want more knowledge of.

As an illustration, I wanted to experience the trials and tribulations of obtaining a V-Line chin in a quick, cheap way. (Way cheaper than surgery right?) So in comes Etude House Firm V-Zone Patch!

What’s the Firm V-Zone Patch like?

The V-Zone patch comes as a chin strap that attaches to your ears with a cooling gel inside.

Putting it on was quite interesting! I’ve never experienced such a weird looking beauty product. And that’s saying a lot!

After you take it off your chin SHOULD feel refreshed and pointer! Or is supposed to be….. So possibly after using it daily for 6 months or more you can see a difference but definitely not after one try. So sorry, no instant pointy chin. 🙁

In conclusion, walking around in a neck brace will never be in fashion so I think I’ll pass on this product….unless my chin or neck starts sagging. Then I’ll have to start purchasing these by the pack! But other than, I think going to much more drastic messages to obtain the coveted Korean V-Line would be in order. But remember guys, it’s what’s inside that we have to fix not out! So make sure you do with caution when changing anything on yourself permanently.

So that’s it! Hopefully we all have a more clear understanding of the demanding Korean beauty standards and how they came about. If you desire a V-Line chin there are certainly less dramatic ways to join in on it like using the cheap Etude House Firm V-Zone patch or doing facial massages like show in this previous post.

Let me know what you think of strict Korean beauty standards in the comments and in you’ve tried out the V-Zone patch!
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