Why are Korean Face Shapes a Big Deal? + Etude House Firm V-Zone Patch Review


For those acquainted with Korean culture, today’s post will resonate deeply. It’s widely understood that face shape holds immense significance in Korea, influencing individuals from their earliest years through adulthood.

During my tenure as a teacher in Korea, I frequently encountered students fretting over their facial contours, expressing concerns about the size of their eyes or the fairness of their skin. While these concerns may be typical for adolescents elsewhere, the heightened worry and stress observed in South Korea profoundly impact daily life and career prospects.

To delve further into this phenomenon, it’s essential to examine its historical roots. How did certain facial shapes, like the coveted V-Line, attain such prominence, and why do they continue to exert such a powerful influence on Korean society today?

Following this exploration, I’ll transition into a review of Etude House’s popular Firm V-Zone Patch, renowned for its purported ability to sculpt the desired pointed chin. However, my personal experience with it felt more akin to wearing a neck brace, but we’ll delve into that shortly.

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So why are pointy chins and face shape so important in Korea?

Korean face shapes are considered a big deal within Korean culture primarily due to the influence of beauty standards, societal expectations, and the widespread popularity of cosmetic surgery.

  1. Beauty Standards: Like many other cultures, Korea has its own set of beauty standards that often prioritize certain facial features and proportions. These standards can include features such as a small, V-shaped face, a defined jawline, high cheekbones, and a small nose. These features are often associated with youthfulness, attractiveness, and symmetry.

  2. Societal Expectations: In Korean society, appearance can play a significant role in various aspects of life, including social interactions, career opportunities, and even personal relationships. There is often pressure to conform to societal beauty standards, which can lead individuals to seek out cosmetic procedures to achieve their desired facial shape.

  3. Media Influence: Korean media, including K-pop, dramas, and entertainment programs, heavily promote certain beauty ideals. Celebrities and idols often become role models for young people, influencing their perceptions of beauty and creating a desire to emulate their appearance.

  4. Cosmetic Surgery Culture: South Korea has one of the highest rates of cosmetic surgery per capita in the world. Procedures such as double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, jawline contouring, and facial reshaping are common and readily available. These procedures are often seen as a way to enhance one’s appearance and conform to societal beauty standards, including achieving the desired face shape.

  5. Self-Confidence and Social Acceptance: For many individuals in Korea, achieving a certain face shape can boost self-confidence and increase social acceptance. In a society where appearance is often closely linked to success and happiness, having a desired face shape can contribute to a sense of fulfillment and belonging.

Overall, Korean face shapes are a big deal due to the complex interplay of cultural, societal, and media influences that place a high value on certain facial features and proportions. These influences can lead individuals to seek out cosmetic procedures and invest significant time and effort into achieving their desired appearance.

Firm V-Zone Patch Review

As an illustration, I wanted to experience the trials and tribulations of obtaining a V-Line chin in a quick, cheap way. (Way cheaper than surgery right?) So in comes Etude House Firm V-Zone Patch!

What’s the Firm V-Zone Patch like?

The V-Zone patch comes as a chin strap that attaches to your ears with a cooling gel inside. Putting it on was quite interesting! I’ve never experienced such a weird looking beauty product. And that’s saying a lot!




After you take it off your chin SHOULD feel refreshed and pointer! Or is supposed to be….. So possibly after using it daily for 6 months or more you can see a difference but definitely not after one try. So sorry, no instant pointy chin. 🙁


In conclusion, walking around in a neck brace will never be in fashion so I think I’ll pass on this product….unless my chin or neck starts sagging. Then I’ll have to start purchasing these by the pack! But other than, I think going to much more drastic messages to obtain the coveted Korean V-Line would be in order. But remember guys, it’s what’s inside that we have to fix not out! So make sure you do with caution when changing anything on yourself permanently.

So that’s it! Hopefully we all have a more clear understanding of the demanding Korean beauty standards and how they came about. If you desire a V-Line chin there are certainly less dramatic ways to join in on it like using the cheap Etude House Firm V-Zone patch or doing facial massages like show in this previous post.

Let me know what you think of strict Korean beauty standards in the comments and in you’ve tried out the V-Zone patch!
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