Fun & Easy Korean Face Massage for Younger, Brighter Skin!

Ever envy the symmetric and smooth skin of your favorite Korean star?
Unfortunately we don’t have our own traveling makeup team or on the road dermatologist but we can start with this super easy Korean face massage! With proper skin care treatment and this a part of your daily routine, you can be on your way to healthier and brighter skin!

Step 1
Choose a moisturizer and a toner.

 and The Saem Harakeke Toner

Step 2
Mix the two products together in your hand.

Step 3
Rub in your hands for 15 seconds.

Doing this allows the moisturizer to soak into your skin better!

Step 4
Press the product into face going north south and east and west.

Step 5
Use your fists to massage the center of  your face going outward.

Step 6
With your fists rub the outline of your face going downward.

Step 7
Gently massage under your eyes with the flat of your fingers.

This releases puffiness and stops dark circles!

Step 8
Knead your neck!

If you want that pointy chin ya gotta work babe!

And that’s it!
Hope this popular face massage will become part of your daily beauty regimen! 
Let me know if you’ve tried this massage out before in the comments!

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