Korea’s Next Top Model Guys VS Girls Ep 9 & 10 Recap

We start off this episode with a special surprise, a trip to CANADA!
After arriving they quickly jump into their first challenge. To their dismay they had to pose atop of CN Tower!
They teamed up and posed as characters.
Min Jung and Seung Su – Pirates
Ji Un and Yong Soo – Dancers
Chul Woo and Ki Bbeum – Samurai
The winners were Ki Bbeum and Chul Woo who got treated to a Niagara Falls helicopter tour and dinner.
Main Challenge
The main challenge was inside a beautiful castle for a masquerade shoot with 6 scene settings.

1 Winner
Ji Un took the coveted first spot for Top 5. The judges felt she was taking their criticisms well and applying it to be a better model.
1 Model Cut
Yong Soo was (finally) cut. The judges felt he had more than enough chances to grow as a model but hadn’t.
Other models photos from the shoot.
Gorgeous photo! She should have won.
Now we have the elite Top 5!!!
Watch Episode 9 here.
Episode 10
The first mission took the models around Canada. They had to self style themselves and do a prephoto shoot in the outfit they chose then run around to specific spots around town to photo themselves in different scenes. Check out the video below to see.
The winner of the challenge was Ki Bbeum with her hilarious photo taken with a kissing couple. Her prize was a limousine tour of the city and dinner at a fancy restaurant! she also had to choose 1 model to share it with which was Chul Woo.
Love it!
And the other models did a great job also.
Main Challenge
Floating Lake Ontario the models had a Luxy Jet Set Look photo shoot.
Now it’s time for Top 3!!
The first model to enter into the top 3 was CHUL WOO!
The second model was SEUNG SU!
Unfortunately the bottom 3 were the ladies, Ki Bbueum, Ji Un and Min Jung.
So the last model to enter into Top 3 was KI BBEUM!!!!!!
Cutie Min Jung and Ji Un were sent home. Though they didn’t make it to the end, the ladies have endless talent and will set the modeling industry ablaze.
So here is Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Top 3!
Are you happy with the final Top 3?
Let me know in the comments!

Watch Episode 10 here.

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