Taeyang for GQ and Vogue feat Jung Ho Yeon of Squid Games

Since releasing his 2nd full length album, Taeyang has been a busy man. Concerts here, interviews there and let’s not forget the photo shoots! Yes, Young Bae has been Mr. Fashionisto beautifully gracing the covers of Vogue and GQ Korea.

Let’s take a look at my favorites from the shoot.


Ooooh la la!

Deep thought Taeyang. He actually looks like a 90’s boy band member with his hair like this.

This pink suit is AMAZING on Taeyang. He doesn’t wear suits that often and especially not colored ones so to see him in this stylishly chic attire makes my dreams come true! It’s a bit androgynous for Taeyang’s style but the color compliments his skin tone so nice. (He should wear pink more often!)

Love, love, love his outfit and how well he and the model’s style compliment each other. This rocker/Grunge style is GD-ish but Taeyang puts his own twist to it by wearing it with no shirt showing off his chocolate abs. He should perform in flashy outfits like this for his upcoming concerts.

Loving how playful this one is. Of course Taeyang is nowhere near close in height to the models so this gives a laugh without undermining Tae’s sexiness. It actually alludes it even more! And those CHAPS and happy trail! Take me to the land of happiness!

This is such a Vandalist by Vandal look. It makes me squeal with happiness because I love when male artists wear Vandalist. It’s so minimalist and chic!

Other photos from the GQ and Vogue shoots

I dislike this one on a MAJOR scale. It looks as though this is an ad poster for an upcoming drag queen musical titled “The Land of Tae Tae.” Is he putting her in a headlock because she’s trying to steal his shine?

Young Bae AND my FAVORITE Korean model/Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 runner up Jung Ho Yeon!

This looks like an actual high fashion ad in a magazine! I see you Tae Tae! 

Ummmm? We taking it back to the 90’s?

Another fantastic photo!

Which photo shoot was your favorite?

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