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From Kpop – Favorite Songs and Videos

1. Your favorite debut MV of a boy band or girl band.
Super Hero – VIXX

2. The first MV you watched of your favorite Band/Singer.
Tonight – Big Bang

3. A MV you like that just came out recently.
Inner Space – Park Ji Yoon

4. The funniest MV you know.
Right Now – Psy

5. The most artistic MV you know.
Coup D’etat – GDragon

6. The MV that fits the lyrics the most.
Haru Haru – Big Bang & She’s Gone – GDragon

7. The MV with the best rap scene.
Break Down – Kim Hyun Joong

8. The saddest MV you know.
In Heaven – JYJ

9.The MV with the best dance or dance move.
Ringa Linga – Taeyang

10. The best last MV of a band that disbanded.
Safety Zone – DMTN

11. The best colorful MV.
Crayon – GDragon

12. The best MV in black & white .
Turn it Up – TOP

13. The MV with the best story.
In My Bed – Rain

14. The best MV with the theme high school.
Growl – EXO

15. The best MV with the theme disco/party.
Beep – Park Ji Yoon

16. The best MV with the theme revenge.
Kim Bo Hyung – 내가 미친년이야

17. A MV that makes you happy.
Fantastic Baby – Big Bang

18. The MV with the best action scenes.

19. The most creative MV
Biribop – Narsha & Midnight Circus – Sunny Hill
20. The most intensive MV
Pray – Sunny Hill & Kim Bo Hyung – 내가 미친년이야

21. The most weird MV.
Norazo – Wild Horse

22. The most heart breaking MV.
Beautiful Hangover – Big Bang

23. The hottest MV.
You’re My – Taeyang & Dr. FeelGood – Rania

24. The best MV used as an advertising.
Lollipop – Big Bang & 2NE1

25. A MV that reminds you of summer.
Rainism – Rain & Cherry Blossom Ending – Busker Busker

26. The MV with the best dying scene.
Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls

27. Your all time favorite MV.

28: The song with the nicest lyrics.
Like You – Got7

29: The song with the sexiest lyrics.
Lullaby – Xia Junsu

30: The song with the kinkiest lyrics.
Intoxication – Xia Junsu

31. The song with the cutest lyrics.
Ring Ding Dong – Shinee

32: The song with the cheesiest lyrics.
Wolf – EXO

33: The song with the most inspiring lyrics.
Ugly – 2Ne1

34: The song with the lyrics that most describe you.
대.다.나.다.너. – VIXX

35: The song with the lyrics that you know by heart.
Love Story – Rain, 통화연결음 – Lyn

36: The song with lyrics that most remind you of a happy time.
Shout It Out – Boa

37: The song with lyrics that most make you cry.
통화연결음 – Lyn

38: The song with lyrics that you’ll never understand.
Most Kpop songs.

39: Your favorite Engrish lyrics.
What Can I Do – Seungri
“Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap” (Should be Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap)

40: The group you most admire for their lyrics.
Big Bang & VIXX

41: The lyrics to your favorite K-Pop song.

Fantastic Baby – Big Bang

“어듬어듬어듬, hold up, na na na na na.”

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