Rain Fashion Find: 30 Sexy

Rain’s return to the Kpop scene was much anticipated with him presenting not just new music but a new style. From head to toe, Rain showed he was back bigger and better than ever.

He first hit us with the track “30 Sexy” which sounds like “Dirty Sexy” but we won’t even go there. ^^

In the video he rocked an 80’s inspired suit reminiscent of something Eddie Murphy would of worn in the movie “Boomerang.” (One of my favorite movies of all time.) This suit actually came from the famous Korean designer Juun. J’s S/S 2014 menswear collection. (Check out GD and Taeyang rocking some pieces from this same line here.)
THANKFULLY Rain opted to order pants for his because I don’t think the men in 80’s style hot shorts will ever return to being fashionable.
And if you haven’t checked out the video for “La Song” you should. Very fun and vibrant. And Rain rocking semi dreads is quite amusing. 🙂

Are you feeling the high waisted suit Rain wore? Let me know in the comments!

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