Taeyang Rocks Paris Fashion Week

Taeyang, the global fashionisto of the week, made a splash all over the blogisphere during his recent visit to Paris Fashion Week. In just the few days he was there he managed to get featured in Vogue, WWD (the fashion bible), GQ, BuzzFeed, Style.com and Italian site Grazia. He had mobs of fans following outside of every show and gave AMAZING fan service, shaking hands. saying I love you and even HUGGING a fan. Oh you lucky gal. 😀

Personally I am VERY happy Taeyang attended an event like this as it gives him momentum for his upcoming solo album and solo shine as Taeyang. One of the many reasons why I became a fan of Tae Tae (which I discovered as a solo artist before I knew of BigBang) was his style. With his Solar album he stepped out in military jackets and jeans with his baby mohawk. I thought the style complemented him well as well as being very Michael Jackson-esqe. Of course now his style has certainty evolved, which is the result of heavier pockets and global recognition. When the worlds watching, you gotta step out fitted in the hottest brands at all times. Fortunately each member has their favorite brands and styles so their clothes don’t seemed “forced” or fake. Tae’s been rocking Givenchy for quite a while along with all of YG being great friends and advertisers of Chrome Hearts.

So let’s jump into the the sleek street style of Dong Young Bae.
*Please note  – I’m not listing the outfits in order of which shows he went to first, second etc. I’m just freely talking about each outfit.

While there he attended Givenchy, Juun. J, Louie Vuitton, Rick Owens, Kenzo and Kris Van Assche. One thing to note is that he actually wore the same clothes to the shows but mixed and matched them. (I’ll point them out in the post.) It’s like those articles that show you 5 different ways to rock a jacket or a pair of pants. I applaud him for doing this because it’s very eco-friendly and shows how you can use just a few pieces from your closet to create many great looks. Go Tae Tae!

For his favorite brand, Young Bae brought back his infamous (and fan favorite) Mohawk. I wonder if it was a bit cool in Paris that day because he rocked a $1,000 grey melange Givenchy long sleeved argyle sweater with leather pants. I do like how he used a checkered button up as a makeshift kilt. I like the cohesive mixing of patterns and prints resulting in a very urban street/high fashion look.

Fashionable Re-used/restyled item #1 – Leather pants
Fashionable Re-sued/restyled item #2 – Mondo creepers (shoes)
Fashionable Re-used/restyled item #3 – Rounded black shades

He’s possibly wearing these Givenchy leather pants for $3,500
And this Givenchy Checkered cotton Cuban fit shirt for $500
His favorite Givenchy Shark Tooth Earrings for $300

For the Kenzo show, Bae popped in some color with a red printed sweater with a white button up. Again we see his black leather pants and mondo creepers. To add a bit of swag he adds a white snapback and circle John Lennon shades. In the photo below he’s posing with famous Mademoiselle Yulia, DJ, fashion icon and partner/employee at the famous Joyrich brand. (She sometimes visits the flagship Joyrich store on Garaso-gil in Seoul.) She also rocked a matching red sweater and skirt set with black open toed heels.

Fashionable Re-used/restyled item #4 – White button up
Fashionable Re-used/restyled item #5 – Paisley black kilt/man skirt
Fashionable Re-used/restyled item #6 – White snap back
Fashionable Re-used/restyled item #7 – John Lennon rounded shades

Juun. J

For Juun. J. Tae wore an all white ensemble with very adorable gold framed glasses. A long knee length white free size jacket with the Givenchy leather pants and mondo creepers. I enjoy how he switched back and forth with hairstyles and kept his accessory’s minimal. (If $300 Givenchy earrings is what you call minimal. :D) He also brings out a gold vampire fanged grill. I thought it actually looked pretty nice on him though grills peaked a long time ago but I feel it’s okay to bring them back if you wear them right. (I also believe he attended the Kris Van Assche show with this outfit since both shows were on the same day.)

L. Vuitton
The white snap back is back along with the John Lennon shades, gold vampire grill, Givenchy shark tooth earrings and white button up. I love how he kept stable pieces and just changed his tops! I love you more and more Tae Tae. And he switched back to his french braids/cornrows.

Rick Owens
Soon after he arrived in Paris Taeyang headed to the Rick Owens show in a black leather snap back, rounded black shades, black bandanna, black see through striped top, his paisley kilt/skirt. leather pants and black shoes.

So as we can see Mr. Dong stayed quite busy in Paris! But really who knew Tae was such a fashion conscious person? Either he wanted to pack light for the trip so decided to reuse/restlye items or this is how he usually does. Either way I love it. Honestly from seeing all his outfits I hadn’t realized he rewore items until I started writing this post and said “Hey, he’s rocking the same items!” I applaud you Tae for going to this event and making waves. Few of the news outlets knew who he was prior to this so for many of them to decide to write articles on a guy they thought was stylish at the shows speaks volumes. I’m also really excited for the new theme for his solo album. I know he’ll continue to evolve style wise and show us more of what’s up his sleeve.

So which outfit was your favorite from Taeyang during Paris Fashion Week?

Photo credit: GQ
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  1. this is great april..totally loved it, who knew taeyang had so much talent for fashion…oh how I wished I lived in Paris to see him 🙂

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