Electric Shock!

Kpop group F(x) recently released the hypnotic song Electric Shock. Every time I hear it I want to dance my tail off but unfortunately others around me would think I was crazy! There were a lot of great things about the video, the fashion though, was NOT one of them. Personally F(x) is one of the worst style’d groups around. I’m really into fabrics and quality of things so when I look at their clothes it seriously looks like things from Forever 21. Cotton, cotton, and some cotton polyester mix. Compare their clothes to Big Bang’s and it’d be like comparing Chanel to Wal-Mart. Not to be a Debby Downer, I will say that their accessories are frequently on point. The Electric Shock video had me constantly replaying to catch the many cute accessories they had on. So watch the video then check out some of my favorites I compiled in screen caps!

What were your favorite things from the video?

Video: SMTown @Youtube.com

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