Yuchun ‘Brings Sexy Back’ for High Cut Magazine

I have never seen JYJ’s Yuchun’s style so exotic and sexy before in a photo shoot. He REALLY hit it out the ball park with this one. He goes from playful, boy next door…..


Vanhart Homme Collection Black Cotton Jumpsuit
He really brought out the fire boiling inside himself for this High Cut shoot. I really love the all black look. It gives off a mysterious bad boy feel that compliments Yuchun well. 

System Homme Damaged Grey Jeans

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The white sweater continues with the monochromatic theme of the shoot.
This is reminding me of one of the guys from the show “Saved by the Bell.” 

Very Macsuline and suave. Thick sweater scarves are a nice accessory for men this season.
Also why does he look like Rain’s twin in this photo? Oh My Gosh. Why is everyone starting to look like Rain to me all of a sudden? I’m missing Jihoon too much! Ahh!

During the Mirotic era of TVXQ, he carried the sexy look but I don’t feel they focused on him being the eye-catching one of the group. Of course they chose Jaejoong and Uknow to be the ones with the open shirts and Fabio persona. But I do feel this is the one other time he’s had a sexy persona.
In my opinion he looked amazing in the “Ayy Girl” video with the long hair. A very grunge look that reminded me of Won Bin from the movie”Ajushi” or known in America as “The Man from Nowhere.”
Also in the K-Drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” he was quite charming (and the only reason I started watching the show). Though his character was innocent, he still had a sexy presence that oozed from the screen. Especially with the facial hair on the final episode. (Which I can’t seem to find a photo of. hmmm)
In all I am very pleased with this shoot. It was a curve ball in the JYJ Cassie atmosphere. Change is good and I hope that Yuchun keeps the masculine sexy photos coming!
How are you feeling about his new look? Hate it, Love it? Let me know!
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14 thoughts on “Yuchun ‘Brings Sexy Back’ for High Cut Magazine”

  1. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog for a while and now I finally decided to comment something. ^^

    It's interesting to read everything you write about your stay in Korea. I wish I could do the same someday! 😀

    You ask what I think about Yoochun's new look? I LOVE it! xD The darker and sexier look fits him well. I hope this process continues with Yoochun because it's delightful to watch! I think so even if I'm a HUGE Jaejoong fan. JJ is my bias #1 of all times! 😀

  2. Ahh Thanks for commenting and frequently visiting!

    I hope you are able to come here too. Visiting new places is always exciting. And you get to eat a lot of different foods! That's always a plus for me since I eat so much! lol

    Yes I love the darker look for him too. Its such a contrast to his regular image. It's very appealing and makes me like him even more. I thought my bias was Yunho then it moved to Micky, then I dabbled a little with Junsu (after seeing that Intoxication video earlier this year) then I was like "Oh Jaejoongs kinda cute", then just last week I saw pics of Changmun and I was like "When did he get sexy?" lolololz

    So I do hope he sticks with it. I want to see more!!!!!

  3. LOL! I tried Korean food in Berlin last week when I went to see JYJ's concert there and that Korean meal was BIG. Even if I was terribly hungry I couldn't eat it all! And I also thought I eat a lot… xD

    So you've went trough all DBSK guys?? Haha! 😀 I agree, Changmin has grown a lot! He's a man now. ;D And in JYJ's concert I noticed that Junsu is easy to like. Somehow he's so charismatic…

  4. Ooh Berlin?
    Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. You say JYJ?! How incredible. Do you have any pics or video? If you would like, I would love to share them on here along with a fan account from you. I think that would be awesome.

    And yes when I go out eating with Korean friends we'll have the meal and then their like "lets order Bean paste soup and rice" and Im like "dang we just ate gal bee tang along with ALL the side dishes" lol Then they say "hey I know a good coffee place we can go to right after." Again I'm like we just got done eating an entire meal and soup and now u want coffee!" I'm full! lol

    It is often quite too much to guzzle down.

    Also lolz I have "been through" all of them. I keep coming back to Uknow though and Junsu so I think those will be my two to stick with finally. lol

  5. Sounds good. Ill check out your journals and catch the fan cams. I will definitely get a post together. I looove jyj.

    About their disbandment, i actually didnt learn about them until after they had already broke up so i didnt have to go through the 'tvxq split depression'. lol I ended up really loving both groups. I really wanted to see jyj when they came to LA to perform because i was in town that weekend but i was participating in a kpop contest that was unfortunately on the same day and time. Music wise, jyj does way more for me and maybe it has a lot to do with 2 of the lead singers of the 5 now together as a threesome. But their lyrics and emotions that come from their songs is so real i can almost touch it. Now for homin i like the beats n dance moves they do so i have things to love about both. Its really funny to see how sm has tried to block jyj but its actually helped them and they are seeing unimagined fandom love n support from worldwide. Hopefully one day in the future we can hear mirotic n wrong number sung together with 5 sexy men.lol

  6. Yes, Berlin is lovely place to visit. I think that summer and autumn are the best times of the year to visit there. Now there was lovely autumn with all the autumn colors!
    I wrote two journals about my trip here: http://halina.deviantart.com/journal/Back-home-from-Berlin-267960562 and here: http://www.last.fm/user/Halina89/journal/2011/11/08/51ahzw_jyj%2C_tempodrom_6.11.2011 (sorry, my English might suck xD)
    There're some pictures too but nothing too special from the concert because my poor camera couldn't handle the whole situation at all! :'D But you can find many nice videos from YouTube with words "JYJ Berlin 111106" and I can recommend something if needed. Feel free to share my story if you want!

    Oooh my! Koreans really love to eat then! LOL! 😀

    Did you react anyhow to DBSK disbanding? How is it for you that Yunho and Junsu are "in both sides"? :]

  7. Ok! 😀

    You're lucky! I've known DBSK since 2006 and I was so into them after that that when they disbanded I felt somewhat betrayed. I admired their friendship and everything they made and suddenly it was all gone… But I didn't take it as bad as some fans did. I consider I've been the calm one compared to the many others. x)
    I've been more angry to the SM than to the boys. In the end I thought it was okay to have both TVXQ and JYJ because what could I have done to it anyway? And I still can be a fan for them both, right? :] I just hate the way SM tries to block JYJ doing what they want to do the most… But there you're right that actually they've helped JYJ to see the support that comes from all over the other world! Since they have problems in Korea they go to the world and that's good for the fans abroad. I couldn't be anything else but happy for that! 😀

    Ooh, what kind of Kpop contest you participated in in LA?? 😀

  8. It was a kpop concert held in LA last may. It wasnt as cool as all the other national and international kpop contests. There werent even any famous kpop judges or anything. It was really small but a lot of people participated. It was held through kbs. I came the furthest out of everyone who was in it. Another bad thing was they didnt help with airfare or anything so it was all out of pocket for me. I sang Rains 'Love Story'. At that time i knew 0 korean so i had to break down ever single word n proununciation. It took me a bit but i learned it. I made top 15 the first round then the 2nd round was 1st 2nd or 3rd. It was a nice experirnce n i met some amazing ppl but it was jus too much money for what it was worth. Now that im out here in Korea ive been asked to sing a korean song on Tv 5 Different times at varios concerts so it actually worked out better for me out here.

  9. Wow! The event sounded nice! Good for you for participating! 😀
    I wonder if they held somewhat same kind of contest in Berlin when I was there… At least someone informed JYJ fans about Kpop contest in Berlin on Nov 5th but I didn't go there because it was a very small event and they let a certain amount of people go in so… Me and my friend prefered doing some more sightseeing instead. 🙂
    Soon you're a local star! xD Or have you agreeded to sing in Tv already? 😀

  10. Yeah it seems now they have been throwing together Kpop contests all over the place! I cant keep up anymore! lol

    Haha local star. I wish. I do enjoy Noreabang A LOT and Im frequently jamming out there and Im tring to find an open mike I can go to. Since they really love foreigners (sometimes…lol) out here they are always eager for us to show our talents so maybe when I got to the YG Family concert next month Ill be asked to sing on camera again and I can belt out a Taeyang song n they'll be like "she needs to be on Star King Pronto!" lolol As long as Rain sees that's ALL that matters to me though, lolol 🙂

    Also thanks for subscribing 😉 It's greatly appreciated!

  11. Hallyu wave is moving over the world… Mwahahahahaaaa!! 8) x)

    Haha! That sounds great! Keep up doing the good work for getting Rain's attention! x)

  12. Yes Kpop's spreading like wildfire and I am very glad about it!

    lolz Rain's attention. Yes Ill have to rumble and fight through 100,000 women to get it ….hmm well I'm taking Taekwondo now so maybe it'll be easier than I think lol.

    I'll keep persisting though 😉

  13. Hello! 🙂 I'm new to your blog and… I'm just gonna say it…you're hilarious! I've been seriously cracking up reading the fan accounts. But anyway, I really like your blog a lot. I've been a K-pop fan for 6-7 months now. I was first introduced to K-Pop when I happened to come across a K-Drama (LOL) called, Protect The Boss. As I'm sure you know, Kim Jaejoong stars in the drama. Long story short, it lead me to JYJ which lead me to K-Pop (which lead me to my bias, Kim Junsu XD). Can I just say that I feel like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole? Lol! Anyway, the real reason I'm commenting is because I was reading through the comments and…I know this is weird but…I would love to hear you sing lol! Its awesome that you've been asked to sing on TV! -K

  14. Thanks so much for enjoying the blog!
    A I never watched all the episodes of protect the boss but one day I must lol.
    Haha Alice falling down the hole is a great metaphor to compare Kpop to. It explains it exactly! lol
    😀 And singing. I rarely share my singing lol but hopefully soon I'll post something…maybe 😛

    Again thanks for stopping by!

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