Playtime and a History Lesson!

A few months ago I was able to visit some amazing palaces in Seoul with friends.
The GyeongBokGung (경복궁) and DeokSuGung (덕수궁) Palaces are a sight to see. We also traveled all over Gwanghwamun (광화문) which was filled with police in riot gear. I had to tweet to figure out what was going and I’ll admit it was quite scary. Come to find out three major things were happening that day. 1) Kim Jong Il had died 2) The 1,000th protest from the Korean women who were held as sex slaves by the WWII Japanese Army AND 3) Folks were protesting against the Free Trade Agreement that Korea and the US agreed upon. So there was craziness galore.
Please enjoy this video and extra pictures I didn’t include below!

We visited a KFC in Korea which was VERY different than what we were used to. They didn’t sell ANY MASH POTATOES, MACARONI AND CHEESE OR GREEN BEANS! I thought I was going to DIE!

The burger had a hash brown with cheese on it.
We also visited a pictures shop in Sinchon where you can dress up and take really cute pictures AND decorate them.

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