‘I AM’ 동방신기 “Wrong Number” Cover (UCC Project)

Korean Entertainment and media companies SM Town and Mnet created a contest for a new movie titled “I  AM” that will chronicle the KPop idols of SM Town record company. The contest consists of global KPop fans getting the chance to show their love for the genre. People can sing, dance, or make a cheer video for their favorite SM stars. The companies will then pick the video submissions they like and include them in the “I AM” movie.

WHOA Right?

SO I jumped at the opportunity to share my love for Korean music. Now most already know my heart beats for only one man in KPop (and the world), RAIN. He is the artist that introduced to me to KPop through seeing him act in Ninja Assassin, he was SO fine I was like Where did he come FROM?. lol I started to research about this man named “Rain” and lo and behold YouTube uncovered what is now beloved by millions called KPOP. I had never in my life heard of it.

TVXQ was the first KPop Group I listened to. It was their song “Wrong Number” from the Mirotic album. I first saw the video of TVXQ (or DBSK depending on what you want to call them) performing it at the 2008 MAMA awards. That was actually the last time they would ever perform as a group of 5 at that award show again. Even though they are split now I enjoy both groups and daily listen to their past and present songs.

During their “Mirotic” era.

Here’s a small summary For the non-Kpop readers out there.
The group split in 2009 because of some members having very conflicting views with their record label. They now consist of two totally separate groups . The above 3 go by JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong) and are on a new label. The below picture of 2 are still called TVXQ but are sometimes nicknamed HOMIN (by combining their names YunHO and ChangMIN.)
Class is now dismissed!

I thought it would be befitting to sing a cover of this song to pay homage to the very first non-Rain KPop song I ever listened to. I used to sing along with the song all the time but I will tell you there is a HUGE difference between humming to a song and ACTUALLY learning the lyrics IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE! Ha I’m learning to speak Korean at a steady pace but saying long sentences at the speed of light is NOT something I’m equipped to do. I learned all the correct words and pronunciations within a week and went through mistake after mistake trying to record the video. I finally got done with it before the deadline that day and was relieved. Of course me being the goofy person I am, couldn’t have made a video without putting a few jokes in there.

Hopefully you all enjoy it. I tried to put a little soul in the song. One of the reasons why I love the song is because it being a sassy and gritty song that one could really do a lot of extra vocal things with. I’m a little nervous posting a video of me singing but hey, I’ve never let anything scare me to the point that I didn’t at least try. I mean, I didn’t let MOVING to Korea scare me so why should I let this? lol

Also to folks who get my posts by email I will include the YouTube link to click and view it on because I don’t think videos show up on the emails for some reason.

Check it out here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXxY8Ff_O3I

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