Kpop Style Spotlight: The G Style of G Dragon

Everyone in the Kpop world knows how avant garde G Dragon of Big Bang is. His fashion has set trends and continuously keeps the awe factor. Now I have switched favorite members of Big Bang a lot, I’ll admit. It was first T.O.P. then Taeyang, but now I feel like I can finally write my name in stone with G Dragon. He’s extremely androgynous which I USUALLY HATE on male Kpop artists. The guy liner and tight pants does not amuse me nor does it make me more attracted to that person. I like them tall and hunky like Rain Bi!

BUT there is something about the way that Kwon JiYong does the whole androgenous, pink cheetah, guy liner, Edward Cullen pale skin, all white suit, blonde mushroom bob, aeygyo sweater, red skinny jeans, under 6’ft thing. IT WORKS. It’s actually very sexy. It’s mysterious like “Ooh What’s he going to do next? Is his outfit going to be better than mine?”

He’s no punk. He can out-style you, out-sing you, lyrically out-write you, AND take your woman, all while keeping his perfectly coifed bang in place.
THATS what makes G Dragon so special. Fashion is GD, and GD is Fashion.

Currently GD and TOP have released the Japanese version of “Oh Yeah” feat Bom Park. This just shows no scandal can slow GD down!

Check it out here.

GD has no set style. It’s whatever his imagination conjures up. I really admire how bold he is with certain pieces such as wearing a skirt or all pink. Like the saying goes “It takes a real man to wear pink.”

Here are some of my favorite fashion choices from G Dragon in 2011.

2011 For Bean Pole

Some more of my favorites.

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